Two charging adjustable Jiao TOU lamp | 7th battery 18650 battery b with third gear head lights | CREE300 g

Two charging adjustable Jiao TOU lamp | 7th battery 18650 battery b with third gear head lights | CREE300 g

Product description:

Power: 3W Number: 00024 Power supply: rechargeable
Material: aluminum alloy Print LOGO: Origin: Ningbo
Battery capacity: 3000 Light source: LED For gift-giving occasions: advertising, business gifts, awards, and trade shows, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, public relations planning, other
Product category: headlights Brand: Jin Lei source Power: batteries
Carton quantity: 100
  • Product description:

    • The price is the price of a single headlight, not including batteries and Chargers

    • CREE Q5 rechargeable headlights

      Light source: import CREE Q5

      Beam maximum brightness: 260 LM

      Package 1:

      Single head lamp (send a 7th battery): CREE Q5 charge 38 single head lamp 140g

      Package 2: (set of three)

      Rechargeable headlights a + 18650 rechargeable battery + charger for 220V power supply only. 225g

      Battery: dual battery compartment design: three 7th battery and 18650 lithium battery can be used, which is the largest feature

      Charging method: built-in charging circuit board, battery compartment with charging Jack directly into a 220V power supply charger charging, do not need to remove the battery. Very convenient.

      Shell material: aerospace-grade enhanced aluminum hard

      Lens material: imported UCL lenses

      Continuous lighting time: 120-360 min

      Weight: about 150g

      The optical zoom lens, you can make the column-shaped light issue, or you can adjust the lamp lens position, so as to achieve the purpose of focusing and transferred to the back is a light source, and can be used as a light source when shooting photos, redeployed to the front is a State of total focus (spot would be a square););

      Gift packaging:

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