Black multifunctional bicycle lamp | 5 头 LED Flashlight riding equipment | bicycle headlight wholesale 50 g

Black multifunctional bicycle lamp | 5 头 LED Flashlight riding equipment | bicycle headlight wholesale 50 g

Product description:

Brand: Jin Leiyuan Custom processing: no

Factory direct sales, bulk 3.4 yuan each, blister card 3.7 yuan each

Name: 5LED bicycle headlights

Configuration: 5LED bulb lamp X 1

Stands X 1

This applies to goods less 28MM rough tube

Material: High quality ABS plastic

Appearance: Silver / Black Please specify when shot under not specify the random hair.!

Lens material: high-quality lens with lens mask, enhance light-gathering power transmission and strong.

Duration: Depending on the different battery to keep long light 20-40 hours.

Battery: Using four AAA batteries

Weight: about 100 G full set

Mode: 1. 2. speed flash light

Specifications: 5LED light source lamp / light emitting brightness up to 50 lumens or more, irradiation distance of up to 7-10 meters above the long service life of 80,000 hours, the basic need to consider changing the lamp, held following the lighting time (long light) 30 hours)


(To ensure the quality of the goods, when we shipped, will test the quality of a good section, generally do not not bright.


• 5 粒 especially bright LED bulbs, lit, light bulbs and stable quality, the use of long-lasting!
• Strengthen waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-drop design! Widely used environment!
• Use the four No. AAA7 alkaline batteries, 5 LED light-emitting strong (white, natural light)!
• With blinking function!
• LED light, the most long-distance 10M ~ 25M.
• Process quite superb, stylish and generous!

Action bicycle light has not just let people know you exist, but can be clearly aware of the situation and the road presence of others, this section is a more subtle design lamp head, face a transparent circle, light emitted from the side, For cyclists, this is a very good design, to the side of the car can be aware of the existence of the bicycle, the lamp has a bottom sit, the seat without any tools can be screwed onto the handlebars, inside a circle mat, sit and lamps Inter is in sliding engagement, when pushed in the end, it will automatically close the sound card, when removed, just press a small switch very smoothly removed to facilitate folding folding rear lamp body removed, can be used as flashlight, a dual-use, and no matter which when used, are very good.

With a more suitable line • foreign trade products, exquisite packaging, quality excellent package diagram:

Item Name: 5LED highlight lights

product description: High brightness long life 5 * LED light source. With a convex lens mask, greatly improving the condenser resistance, enhance brightness steady, waterproof, bracket mounted on the handlebar hands, lights are plug-in, can be easily won, to prevent theft, the lights can also be made in the hand Flashlight Cylinder with length: 9.5CM Diameter: 3CM each bubble bags in bulk;

Product size: 10 * 3.5 cm

Carton size: 36 * 36 * 32

Is a portable headlight is ideal for biking, camping, fishing and other outdoor sports;. Usually at home can also be used for reading, repair, prevent power failures lights, a multi-purpose

Silver Lights:

Flashlight accessories Figure:

5LED lights Accessories Use map:

Look Description Use:

5 * LED light source, with a convex lens mask, greatly improving the condenser resistance, enhance the brightness using four AAA batteries, illuminate 7-10 meters away 5LED highlight bicycle car headlights' high brightness and long life, can be 30-40 hours continuous light (reference data varies according to different battery) light image:

NOTE: The product because it is not precision instruments or sealed packaging, there is a small amount of wear scar This is normal at this price guarantee treasurer definitely a very nice little scuffed is small if you take the product!.! This entry is agreed. not to have to wear flowers on grounds of unreasonable comment. If you do not accept please do not shoot, thank you!