GD03 / XML-T6 T6 bicycle headlight headlamp power | high lumens super bright outdoor headlights | full set

GD03 / XML-T6 T6 bicycle headlight headlamp power | high lumens super bright outdoor headlights | full set

Product description:

Power: 10W Power in the form: Charging Material: Aluminum
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: made in China
Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No outerID: S250001
Product Category: headlights Brand: GOREAD Power generation: Charging
The number of cartons: 30 / box

(Baby parameters)

1, bicycles and outdoor climbers Top Gear

2, using an American XML-T6 SXO LED, color temperature of 6500K is white, highest flux 1200 lumens, I believe many people used CREE Q5 flashlight, but the XML-T6 bike lights can be on top of the output of the five CREE Q5 (but it does not feel intuitive four times higher, because he was astigmatism-type), for bikers and outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to creating mountaineering.

3, third gear design: high / low / strobe, highlighting 1200 lumens hold 2-4 hours flight time, low light 300 lumens 8 hours.

4, Power supply: 2 18650 2 parallel design, capacity 4400mAh, provide strong power backing, highlighting 1200 lumens, can hold 2-4 hour flight.

5, Charger: big current charger, temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, smart charger can be completed in about ten hours, fully charged automatically stop charging and the light is green

6, the circuit: IC 3 files dimming

7, the connecting lines are using 3.5mm diameter, very durable, very strong convergence of the interface.

8, press the switch: 3 open 1 OFF, the order is: Highlight -) low light -) Flashing -) closed (open always open at the highest brightness profile)

9, connect the power on the light green, easy to identify the position of the switch where the evening;

10, aluminum smooth light cup (aluminum light cup), or aluminum orange peel light Cup;. Glass lens, 37mm diameter spot formed by the illumination angle of 90 degrees, a perfect match for the ride!

11, Waterproof: IP-65, the rain completely worry-free riding.

12, applies to all bikes, two kinds of specifications provided strong quality plastic ring, encompassing all the handlebar diameter is very simple to use.

1, the battery if not long-term placement. Battery self-discharge will be depleted, resulting in over-discharge, so please keep the two-monthly minimum charge rate.
2, after the indicator lights up red and then turn off automatically, do not turn on the lights again, otherwise it may damage the battery.

Use a screwdriver to remove the headband, mounted on a bicycle with a car on top of the folder is bicycle lights friends ~ ~