20mm diameter aluminum plate CREE bulb | Square Lamp | 3W bulbs | hair white

20mm diameter aluminum plate CREE bulb | Square Lamp | 3W bulbs | hair white

Product description:

Colour: white model: Q3
outerID: S130044 Brand: CREE / Cree
species: led Custom processing: It is

CREE bulb above price is the price of grain, aluminum plate including the cooling effect of the price (the aluminum plate Dimensions Diameter: 20MM) non-professional caution to buy this lamp, imported, square CREE bulbs.

Ultra-low supply of various types of high-power LED, the United States Bureau of CREE bulb production taxes, currently the industry's most widely used power level, this patch is 20MM LED aluminum plate, buy friends, please according to their size of the lamp holder assembly election purchase! hair is white, highly concentrating.

Standard operating parameters of the lamp, such as lamp control over this parameter is likely to burn out bulb.

Input voltage: 3.2-3.6V

Input Current: 700mA

Aluminum plate welded joints positive and negative all three, easy welding.

This bulb lamp beads square, will square bulb, the unique characteristics of this bulb shape lamp American CREE company, and applied for a world patent.

Hair is white (to lighting effects below, you need to configure Cup until after the condenser):

Cree's XLamp are representative of the industry products of high brightness and stability of the LED. Through XLamp LED, Cree is driving the market to high-efficiency lighting, environmentally friendly LED lighting.
- The entire White Series: 2600 K to 10000 K CCT
- @ 350mA (5000k-10000k) luminosity can reach 80lm and 70lm / W
- Wide drive current range, up to 1000 mA
- Long time to maintain the quality and stability of white
- Cooling part of uncharged
- Unity and high stability package
- With the industry's highest standard test

Usage: general lighting applications
- Color lights
- Portable lighting and portable flashlight
- Outdoor lighting, such as street lights and parking
- Interior lighting, cabinet lighting mosaic
- Commercial lighting, such as display panels
- Industrial Lighting
- Ambulance Lighting