3 arrangement XML-T6 lights | 15W high power super bright LED lights long-range T6 Bicycle Light 3600 Lumens

3 arrangement XML-T6 lights | 15W high power super bright LED lights long-range T6 Bicycle Light 3600 Lumens

Product description:

Colour: Black Power: 15W Configure charger: Yes
Power in the form: Charging Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can
Material: Aluminum made in China Battery capacity: 8800MAH
Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No Occasions for gifts: Business gifts
outerID: S250005 Category: Lamps / Searchlights Brand: GOREAD
Power generation: Charging The number of cartons: 20

Above prices include full set of accessories and chargers and rechargeable batteries and closing ceremony, and as shown below.

• Use three US CREEXML-T6 LED, color temperature 5350K, 2700 lumens luminous flux up to, I believe many people used CREE Q5 flashlight, but the XML-T6 bicycle lights can top 5 CREE Q5 output (but intuitively feeling no more than a 4-fold, because he was astigmatism-type), for bikers and outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to creating mountaineering.

• Charging: When the battery power is low, the switch red indicator light flashes, please recharge the battery pack as soon as the lights flicker switch will fail when the battery power is low, disconnect the battery pack and direct connection to the headlights.

• Power supply: 4 18650 Battery Pack, 4 18650 battery 3.7V-4.2V, capacity 8800mAh, provide strong power backing, highlighting 1800 lumens, can hold 4-5 hours flight.

• Charger: big current charger, temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, intelligent rapid charger can be completed in 12-15 hours, fully charged automatically stop charging and the light is green, the following parameters:
Input: 100 ~ 240v AC 50 / 60Hz; Output: 4.2V DC / 1000mA

• Circuit: Constant circuit, IC 3 files dimming

• Connecting lines are using 3.5mm diameter, very durable, very strong convergence of the interface.

• press the switch: 3 open 1 OFF, the order is: middle light -) 2 side lights -) All light -) closed (open always at the highest brightness profile open) connected to the power on the light green, easy to identify the position of the switch at night where ;

• Aluminum light cup orange peel (light cup) glass lenses, diameter 32mm. The spot is formed, the irradiation angle of 85 degrees, 360 degree rotation, for riding. Perfect match!

• Waterproof: IP-65, the rain completely worry-free riding.

• Suitable for all bikes, encompassing all the handlebar diameter. Very simple to use.

Night photograph real bright effect, three T6 light illumination stronger than the average motorcycle lights.

The following is a comparison of the two groups Picture 3 T6 bicycle lights and car lights, and left for the three T6 bicycle lighting effects, the right is automotive lighting effects.