Fishing stool | Lounge Chairs | Folding fishing stool | Outdoor chair | aluminum fishing stool, folding chair without back

Fishing stool | Lounge Chairs | Folding fishing stool | Outdoor chair | aluminum fishing stool, folding chair without back

Product description:

Brand: Bin Cheng Material: Aluminum Size (L * W * H): 22cm * 25cm * 29cm (cm)

Product Name: Folding Chairs

Product Weight: 270g

Material: 6061 aluminum (aluminum, etc. can be customized 70057075, 7075 in line with the national grid hardness of 17 or more)

Color: according to customer requirements can be color number or samples prevail

Fabric Size: 22cm * 18.5cm

Expand Size: 22cm * 25cm * 29cm

The combined size: After a full folded size 11cm * 15cm * 5cm / merge Size

36cm * 25cm * 2.5cm

Surface treatment: anodized green type

Fabric material: 600D oxford cloth

Bear the weight: 100KG

LOGO customization: customized laser LOGO, printed LOGO

Gross Net Weight: 14.5KG / NW 13.5KG

Packing: 50

The perfect after-sale service system, and strive to make consumers more satisfied, the company implemented back, a replacement system, whereby in accordance with (People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Act), (People's Republic of China Product Quality Law) and other relevant provisions of the elaboration This system who meet the retirement, replacement qualifying customers, do the following terms:

First, return, replacement conditions

(A) Upon receipt of the goods be sure to sign before the spot inspection:

(Such as courier or logistics companies require before signing, the consignee can do so, do not give a signed document before delivery, acceptance and then to), once opened, if no quality problem, you can not reject.

After the case of product quality problem itself, the quality supervision department inspection needs of the company; 15058002022 Contact: For quality issues, the product is found in the road and damaged parts missing, you can refuse, you need within 24 hours with the customer service phone sale , back to you if a quality problem, such as a quality problem, we will return to you within 7 days (by the freight borne by the Company).

Quality supervision department inspection by the Company no quality problems, the company will return the original to you (by the freight borne by you). If the sign is not on the spot inspection found damaged, parts missing, the appearance of dirt and other issues We will not be processed.

(Ii) the exchange of goods must meet the following basic conditions;

1, the exchange of goods is not pollution, packaging intact (including internal and external packaging, product certification, product brochures), to maintain the original quality of our products when sold as is, not used and does not affect the secondary sales.

2, if the product has additional gifts, please return with gifts, gifts received by the need to maintain the original quality as gifts when such gifts can not be returned, according to online price deducted from the refund. Another: open, according to the invoice of products to be At the same time return the invoice;

3, indicating the reasons for return, if the product quality problems, please send pictures to after-sale customer consultation process;

4. If the handle returns, please be sure to contact our customer service center (0574-65171552 13566391124), after confirmation can handle your return.

Does not meet the above conditions are not given return.

(C) the promotion, clearance products do not give back, for;

(Iv) the terms of the final interpretation of the Consumers Association, Bin Cheng Electric Factory and consumer total.

(E) as set forth in this mall is inconsistent with the national laws and regulations of the Department, with the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

Buyer Tips

  • Buyers have any dissatisfaction, to ensure the product does not use does not affect the second sales situations (non-quality issues) refundable 7 days, 14 days to change! (Round-trip freight themselves) because of our fault lead to return shipping me party.
  • The products we sell have a regular service products, and all of the regular physical outdoor shop after-sales service as 3 packs.
  • When the buyer received the goods should be on the spot inspection to determine no quality problems before they sign. Exterior damage if inadvertent delivery personnel or transport caused or affect the normal use, do not sign the express or parcel, courier companies should The first time the case of a signed certification or post office clerk on duty notify seller ment matters. sign indicates that the product is no problem after the appearance of damage or affect the normal use of, please buyers read this clause carefully before purchase, photographed That endorse the content of this clause.
  • After the sign for the parcel, please treat meticulous inspection at the time of closing the package, carefully removed with scissors or a blade removed from the side seams! Our pictures taken in kind, part of the standard image provided by the brand, without any modification. We also try to provide you with detailed product introduction, but when shooting light, angle, different personal display, and even the display brightness, contrast settings are different, digital pictures and objects there may be a certain color. might subtle between each batch of product manufacturers differ on color.
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This product is refined structure, fashionable and unique shape. Versatility, folding or disassembly, easy portability, whether indoors or outdoor recreation, are filling its place convenient and durable, the family live entertainment indispensable companion.

Family travel, especially for the elderly out of the rest! Pursuit of perfect quality of life you will never miss such classic details remain fresh inspiration !! Oh, the taste of fine living !! small stool is essential household items for each family. placed at home nice; folded can be placed under the bed or in the corner does not occupy space; travel and easy to carry; outdoor recreation, fishing smart and practical!

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