Manufacturers supply | Outdoor character quickdraw carabiner | stainless steel carabiner

Manufacturers supply | Outdoor character quickdraw carabiner | stainless steel carabiner

Product description:

Maximum load: Other (kg) Brand: Bin Cheng Item No: MX-001
Style: Tai Chi nosy type Material: Aluminum Custom processing:
Origin: Ningbo Ninghai Property: Property Value

Name: gossip buckle

Size: 67 * 33

Weight: 13g

Material: Aluminum

Origin: Ninghai

Color: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, etc. (Colors can be customized)

Features: shiny, lightweight, affordable, environmentally friendly

Technology: Matte, squash, etc.

Surface treatment: anodizing, electrophoresis (fee plating process)

Purpose: latchkey, hanging backpacks, water bottles hanging, hanging pen, hanging toys, etc.

Ninghai Bin Cheng Electric Factory is a professional manufacturer of aluminum products and aluminum alloys.
The site located in the National Ecological County cities - Ningbo Ninghai mainly produces aluminum fishing stool, aluminum flashlight, bottle opener and other aluminum products mainly I plant with production capacity of independent development and design has been fundamental to the quality, customer satisfaction is based on... to provide our customers with competitive products and services.
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Carabiner purposes: Luggage accessories, toys hanging buckle, hanging small pots, hanging tent, hanging key ring.

Features: Lightweight, does not fade, wear-resistant, cheap!