Tea cans | 106A series | Pattern changing | Rich in style | Provide special editions made

Tea cans | 106A series | Pattern changing | Rich in style | Provide special editions made

Product description:

Packaging: packaging/terminal package Process: four-colour printing, embossing Specifications: 77*77*91MM
Material: grade Tin, iron Scrubs Customized processing: Yes Type of packaging: cans

Product introduction:

1. name: Bahau cans

2. specifications: there are many sizes to choose from, can also be set according to your needs.

3. material: Tin (0.23-0.41mm), another scrub iron, galvanized iron.

4. prices: according to the product specification, quantity, printing and processing, and consultation.

5. Printing: ordinary four-color, spot-color, finish, mute on oil, wrinkle on oil can, according to customer design requirements and printing.

6. technology: you can print graphics and LOGO, embossing effect.

7. Accessories: liners, plastic lids, seals, and so on, can be required to buy.

8. packing: plastic bag, carton or according to your requirement.

9. delivery: the deposit is received and confirmation page after printing 35 days (depending on the material, process and number).

10. quality control: product testing has passed quality system certification, and obtain the relevant certificates.

11. payment: advance payment, pay the balance before shipment (pre-delivery inspection at any time).

12. business scope: customized according to customer needs, mold development.

13. opening time: 15 days.

14. the shape and scope of application: provide options come in many shapes: round iron tea pots, square tea Tin, shaped tea cans, iron box shaped tea products meet food grade packaging standards, applicable to: iron goddess oolong tea, Pu-Erh tea, Dahongpao, biluochun, West Lake Longjing tea, xinyang maojian high-grade tea products, such as Tin Tin packaging.

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