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Lenovo laptop keyboard protective film 15.6 inch Savers small new V4000 G50-70 G50-80

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On the purchase of keyboard membrane several common problems
1, the keyboard membrane is universal?
Each brand of computer will be a lot of models, although some models share, but a brand will appear under a variety of key bits.Our brand keyboard is a special, is a key with bump. So you want to buy the right keyboard membrane, you first have to figure out your computer model.
2, color keyboard film printing, printing and my computer exactly the same?
Because the factory film is a key to open the mold, the key bit the same model share a mold, but these models may be some minor differences in the character, So there may be differences in the keyboard film printing individual places.
3, choose what color keyboard membrane suitable?
If you often use the computer, and use the laptop keyboard, the proposed with bright, good for the eyes, black notebook is also recommended with bright colors, if used much, just to block the gray, choose their favorite on it.
4, the keyboard membrane can wash it, the keyboard membrane life?
Keyboard membrane is mainly composed of silica gel, can be washed, the service life of more than a year, but long-term use, bacteria accumulate more, the proposed replacement of about six months time. Recommended to prepare more than a few, in turn use.

Applicable models: Z560, Y570, Y570D, Z570V570G570, G575, B570, B575, Z565, Z575, Z580, G580,

Y580U510, y500, B580, B570, B575, B590, Z500Y510S500, Z501, Z501, Z510.
G505G510SFLEX 15U530: Y50, S510P, FIEX 15 S500 S500 TOUCH M5400 G700 G50 B575E B5400 Z50-70 Y50-70 G50-70 Small new V2000 bigger version B50 M50

Note: As the notebook keyboard membrane model number, please pro before making sure to check your notebook brand and model or contrast the next picture! If you do not know can consult us . If you shoot the wrong model led to our keyboard membrane and your notebook does not match, restaurant is not responsible for! Thank you with!

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