Lenovo laptop keyboard protective film 15.6 inch Savers small new V4000 G50-70 G50-80

Lenovo laptop keyboard protective film 15.6 inch Savers small new V4000 G50-70 G50-80

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  • Item No: Z560

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About optional keyboard membrane Common problems
1, the keyboard film is universal it?
Our free shipping are dedicated keyboard membrane is each brand of computer will be many models with bump keys, although some models shared, but there will be a variety of keys under the brand. So you want to buy the right keyboard membrane, you must first figure out your computer's model.
2, color printing keyboard membrane there, and my computer and print exactly the same?
Because the factory is a key bit film to mold the key bit like models share a mold, but it is likely that these models on the character some small differences, So printing keyboard membrane where there may be individual differences.
3. What color is optional keyboard membrane suitable?
If you regularly use a computer keyboard and using a laptop, it is recommended with light-colored, eyes better, with bright black notebook is also recommended. If you use much, just to block gray, choose your favorite it.
4, it can be washed membrane keyboard, the keyboard membrane life long?
The main ingredient is silicone membrane keyboard, can be washed, the useful life of more than one year, but long-term use, bacterial accumulation increases, the proposed replacement once about six months. Suggest a few more prepared, take turns using.

Compatible Models: Z560, Y570, Y570D, Z570V570G570, G575, B570, B575, Z565, Z575, Z580, G580,

Y580.U510, y500, B580, B570, B575, B590, Z500.Y510.S500, Z501, Z501, Z510.
G505.G510S.FLEX 15.U530: Y50, S510P, FIEX 15 S500 S500 TOUCH M5400 G700 G50 B575E B5400 Z50-70 Y50-70 G50-70 small new V2000 bigger version B50 M50

! Note: As the laptop keyboard membrane model number, be sure to check the good brand and model of your laptop or contrast of image before shooting pro who do not know if we can consult oh If you shoot the wrong model lead us and membrane keyboard of your notebook does not match, the shop is not responsible! Thanks!

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