Tea packaging wooden boxes | wooden box | xb- barrels Puer

Tea packaging wooden boxes | wooden box | xb- barrels Puer

Product description:

Model : Packaging level: Sales Package / Terminal Packaging Process : Sculpture
Specifications : 22.5 * 20.5 CM Packing : 8 sets / Material: wood
Custom processing: Packaging Type : Box

Product Features : Selected materials, design, workmanship, reliable quality, adapted to all kinds of goods packaging

First, the inner material requirements : 1, White flannel; 2, golden yellow velvet; 3, yellow silk .

Second, the specification : ( inside and outside ) Size Another lined ( heart / / Neto ) requirements, specific process approach.

Third, the sheet material: MDF mostly gray panels can also be customized Thickness :. 2MM to 12MM variety of specifications to provide choice .

Fourth, if you want stickers wooden appearance ( Wood paper)

Fifth, the appearance and quality requirements of paint ( light, matte )

Sixth, laser engraving or printing the word

Seven, if you want to hinge or magnet

Products meet food grade packaging containers standards for : Pu'er tea and other tea products, high-grade tin tin packaging .

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