Biluochun tea packaging | Stained wooden boxes | Two ceramic pots

Biluochun tea packaging | Stained wooden boxes | Two ceramic pots

Product description:

Model: Packaging: packaging/terminal package Craft: wood box engraving
Specifications: 37*27*9.5CM Case Pack: 10 PCs/CTN Materials: ceramic, wood materials
Customized processing: Yes Packaging type: box

Biluochun tea packaging stained wooden box tea wood box:

Product features: selection of materials, design and workmanship, stable and reliable quality, suitable for all kinds of packaging

Inner material requirements: 1 white flannel; 2, gold Velvet; 3, yellow silk.

Second, size: (inner and outer) dimension. Lining (inside//Neto) requirements, specific technology practices

Third, plate material: MDF, the majority also made gray. Thickness: from 2MM to 12MM wide range of specifications to provide choice.

Four wooden boxes and looks to stickers (wood and paper)

Five, exterior, paint quality requirements (brightness, Matt)

Six, laser engraved or printed words

Seven, whether to hinge or magnet

Products comply with food-grade packaging standards, applied to: iron goddess oolong tea, Pu-Erh tea, Dahongpao, biluochun, West Lake Longjing tea, xinyang maojian high-grade tea products, such as Tin Tin packaging.
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