Bamboo tea packaging box | Wuyi gifts Chun Mei | green fashion | upscale gifts

Bamboo tea packaging box | Wuyi gifts Chun Mei | green fashion | upscale gifts

Product description:

model: // Packaging level: Sales Package / Terminal Packaging Technology: //
specification: // Material: Bamboo Custom processing:
Packaging Type: Box

(Name): Tea gift box packaging

(Material): natural bamboo, paper combination

Bamboo packaging tea products can be used in packaging, can significantly improve product quality and popularity of the product, it is the holiday gift of choice.

Uses: bamboo packaging is suitable for tea, food, gift packing; bamboo packaging is not only practical, but also has a certain appreciation of the value of the Township People's industrious ingenuity, with the wisdom of creating a beautifully bamboo packaging, whether woven bamboo sheet material, or the original bamboo bamboo packaging to do, definitely is a good 'art'. Its main use short growth cycle, the growth of a wide range of bamboo as raw material, through the handmade manufacture and maintain the toughness of bamboo and durability, completely original ecosystem, can replace conventional carton packaging in a variety of areas, with innovative product design, green, durable, reusable and other characteristics.

Material: natural bamboo material, easy to decompose in the natural environment; do not pollute the environment dust state, and renewable resources, environmental protection from cutting bamboo, bamboo processing, manufacturing and use of bamboo packaging materials, waste recycling or degradation of the whole. procedure does not cause harm to humans and the environment, in line with the principles of green packaging 3RID and life cycle analysis (LCA) method requires.

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