Da Hong Pao tea packaging | 10g vacuum | good seal | Through utility version

Da Hong Pao tea packaging | 10g vacuum | good seal | Through utility version

Product description:

model: // Packaging level: Sales Package / Terminal Packaging Technology: Other
specification: // Materials: Composite materials, other Custom processing:
Packaging Type: bags

Name: Tea bags / tea vacuum bag

Bag Type: OPP / PET / CPP (In addition, according to product customized material)

Thickness: 8c1mm = 100c (Also, can be customized according to customer requirements)

Scope: all kinds of green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, buckwheat tea, Longjing tea bags, etc.

Bags advantages: buckwheat tea bags bagging / tea vacuum bag depending on the material, depending on different functional material is different.

Division I with the domestic advanced printing equipment and skilled technical personnel, while providing professional food packaging bag design.

Customized price: If we need to provide some information that you want to quote

1, the packaging bag with Shiyao materials such as pa / pe (if you do not know your own needs Shiyao materials, can you tell us Shiyao packaging products, we will give you suggestions)

2, bags and bags shape specifications such as triangular closure 26 * 30 (if you do not know their packaging specifications, we can provide a sample bag to try your own equipment)

3, you need a number, such as 20000. (Our custom types have the minimum order quantity requirements from less than MOQ, we will report a minimum quantity price and quantity you need the price)

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