Factory Direct | Quality Quality | tea glass cans | good seal

Factory Direct | Quality Quality | tea glass cans | good seal

Product description:

Packaging level: Sales Package / Terminal Packaging Material: Other Custom processing:
Packaging Type : Box

(Trade name ) tea packing high-end gift of custom glass jar green ceramic moisture

( Size ) customized according to customer needs

Guangzhou (product origin ) Guangdong Province

( Product Material ) Ceramic

( Packaging ) general safety package

( Range ) suitable for everyday home and business gifts friendship gifts wedding gifts Memorial gifts

( Commodity remarks) because of the camera, the camera and computer monitor environment will lead to a slight color pictures, mind customers buy carefully! Bottom label brand names for the baby, due to different production batches may contain bottom mark, baby quality complete Like, absolutely authentic guarantee, top quality, please rest assured purchase .

(Product reviews ) affordable, fine workmanship, constant temperature, features fresh on better, sealing strong .

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