3D Printer Reprappro Mendel Tricolor 3d Printer Kit

3D Printer Reprappro Mendel Tricolor 3d Printer Kit

Product description:

Product Description

Printing size: 180*230*140mm, external dimension: 470*450*400mm

Nozzle quantity: three pieces (nozzle diameter: 0.4mm)

Off-line printing: support (master board can carry TF card)

Control master board: Melzi (two pieces) master and slave board

Printing material: ABS, PLA, 1.75mm

Nozzle temperature: 0-260°

Computer interface: USB

Precision standard: 0.1-0.4 mm
Resolution: 0.0125 mm
Construction speed: 1800 mm/ min
Move speed: 12000 mm/ minute
Deposition rate: 33 cm3/ hour
Movement: X and Y and Z axis is linear bearing.

Power: Input AC110-230V, Output DC 24v 400w

Package weight: 10kg (wood packaging box)

Size after packaging: 530*230*290mm

Characteristics of fantastic three colors printing 3D print:

1. support three different material to print, for example PLV, ABS, PVA (realize special support material to print, PVA)

2. three different colors material

3. change different diameter nozzle, to realize different thickness of layor printing, big nozzle satisfy inner filling, small one satisfy out printing

4. 5 mm thickness aluminum alloy surface temperature, durable heat up faster

5. during print lower sound

6. support component printing, to reduce the edge warping phenomenon