WELDO Automatic Soft Pvc Label Dispenser Machine

WELDO Automatic Soft Pvc Label Dispenser Machine

Product description:

WELDO Automatic PVC Dispenser Machine has specialized in producing PVC/ silicon produce for many years. PVC dispenser machine can be applied to all kinds off soft pvc product making, PVC accessories, PVC Promotion gifts and crafts, PVC logo and trademarks and so on.


Model: WD380*360 8A

Working Table Size: 372*382mm
Running Distance : 380mm x 360mm x 70mm
Working Speed: 6000mm/ min
Transmission: Rolling screw drive
Position Accuracy: 0.01mm
Program Capacity: 22000instructions
Analysis Ability: 0.001mm
Size of the device: 770*870*700mm
Size of Package: 880*970*830mm
Table load: 15KG
N. W: 125KG
G. W: 140KG
Power: 220V/ 50HZ/ 300W


1, High efficient

PVC dispenser machine inject the material to the mould automatically , so the speed fast than handmade, Greatly improve the efficiency.

2, Embossed fonts and patterns or plane fonts and patterns may appear on signs or trademarks . Applies to all kinds of molds within its operation range.

3, Save labor cost

Due to the quantity production , One pvc dispenser machine can replace 2-3 worker in accuracy dispensing. so, Using PVC dispenser machine can help you reduce the labor cost.

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