WELDO Automatic Enamel Dispenser Machine For Metal Badge

WELDO Automatic Enamel Dispenser Machine For Metal Badge

Product description:

WELDO automatic dripping machine for metal can be used to produce all kinds of Promotion Crafts and Gifts , such, metal key chain, metal label , metal badge, metal lapel pins, metal coins and glass colorful paint and painting color on mahjong and so on with large production capacity and high quality.

Model: WD380-4V
Running Distance : X: 380mm Y: 360mm Z: 70mm
Working Table Size: 372*382mm
Working Speed : 12000mm/ min
Position Accuracy: 0.01mm
Analysis Ability: 0.001mm
Transmission: Rolling screw drive
Table load: 15KG
N.W.: 125Kg G.W.: 140Kg
Size of the device: 81*72*70cm
Size of Package: 88*87*83cm
Power: 220V 50HZ 300W

Applicable industries: Badge/ Lapel pins/ Coins , Promotion art and gifts craft industries etcetera
Applicable Materials: soft enamel

1, WELDO automatic enamel dispenser machine for metal badge with distribute structure and small size, it is suitable for filing paint and enamel industries, badge, lapel pins, coins etcetera metal industries.
2, WELDO metal dispenser machine is supported with software specially developed for dripping industry. It has graphical user interface in chinese and english version that make it easily understand even for a person without any technical background.
3, Shorten the production time.
4, Accurate dispensing paint and enamel in products.

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