Bags Of Gourmet Powder Packing Machine

Bags Of Gourmet Powder Packing Machine

Product description:

Bags of gourmet powder Packing Machine

Packaging machines in the fierce market competition, to become the dark horse.


Our company products include: Oil filling machine, Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Machine name: Powder Automatic Packaging Machine
Model: DXDF60/ B
Main uses
This machine is suitable for powder materials fill into bags, metering system is stepper motor, as pesticide, Vererinary Drug, additive, chicken powder, white sugar and so on. . screw filling suitable for the materials with low flowability. with fast, accurate, economy, practical advantages
Technical Parameters:
Packaging capacity : 40-60 bags / min
Measurement range : 1.0-50 mm
.Bag dimensions: long 60-180 mm, width 50-120 mm
.Power supply voltage: 380 V-phase 4-wire system
.Power consumption: 1600 (heating 180 * 4) W
.Dimensions: Wide deep 750 * 650 * 1588 mm high
.Net Weight: 200 kg

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