Genuine intex inflatable bed built-in pillow air bed single to increase double thicker outdoor inflatable mattress

Genuine intex inflatable bed built-in pillow air bed single to increase double thicker outdoor inflatable mattress

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bingo / Bingo
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Product Number: 66786
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 399
  • Color Classification: 1 m 37 to send foot pump 1 m 37 to send electric pump 1 m 52 to foot pump 1 m 52 to send electric pump 1 m to send electric pump 1 m to send foot pump 1 m to send home dual-use pump 1 m 37 to send home dual-use dual-use pump 152 to send dual-use pump for home use
  • Sports Outdoor: Camping
  • Layer: 1 layer
  • Inflatable pump type: external inflatable pump
  • Size: 137cmx191cmx22cm
  • Time to market: Fall 2014

# 68757 - 1 meter wide * 1.9 meters long * 22 cm high

'INTEX Inflatable Bed Features'
★ reasonable design: Heavy trucks are not bad pressure inflatable bed, bearing more than 272KG (double bed, single bed 150KG above), resistant to impact more than 5,000 times,
INTEX inflatable bed using a special honeycomb inflatable design, so that different weight of the two people to sleep in the above, there will never be the phenomenon of the whole side to run the air.This is the column inflatable and ordinary long inflatable bed difference.

★ comfortable and warm: According to the principle of ergonomic design, the use of air buoyancy can hold the human body evenly and realize the close fitting of the bed and the human body. The cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and wrist wrist are no longer vacant, which helps to eliminate the fatigue as quickly as possible. , Comfortable, healthy quality sleep!

★ high-quality materials: The use of ultra-strong heat toughening polymerization pvc, the surface of the polymer Deng Xinrong, the use of world-class stitching process, according to international standards strict testing. Scientific design so that it not only has the beauty of today's bed form, but also has Ordinary bed can not match the comfort.After wear-resistant low-temperature test, you can directly on the ground.

★ beautiful and convenient: Inflatable bed small size, light weight, let go after the volume of gas with the general size of household sheets, weight is also very light, can be folded into the backpack to carry.

★ Application: Family regular bed alternatives, often moving family, temporary guest home bed, office nap, camping, water recreation, sometimes used as a soft mattress more exciting to increase life.

★ gifts to share: Travel, travel is a must-have goods! Is a good gift to friends! Imagine your friend or boyfriend and girlfriend sleep in your comfort INTEX air bed, he will forever (durable) remember your feelings.

'INTEX inflatable bed using tips'
First, the inflatable bed will not leak? If not careful punctured how to do?
A: Intex inflatable bed in the factory are subject to a very strict product inspection, so you do not have to worry about it will leak. Intex inflatable bed material is not easy to puncture, in use, it is recommended on the bed sheets, quilts or Mat, increase comfort, more protection, if accidentally punctured, available with a small patch of patch presented in accordance with the instructions to repair, simple and convenient.

Second, inflation will not be tired?
A: built-in electric inflatable pump can be filled with 100-150 seconds (mattress, bed generally takes about 4 minutes.) Non-built-in pump products need to buy another foot pump or optional electric pump.

Third, on the price of rationality?
A: Inflatable mattress has nearly 100 years of development history, but also belong to the enlightenment state in the country, due to the sales channel is not smooth, the cost of sales is too large, so the additional price is very high.Our shop directly from the manufacturers to sell at factory price, value.

Fourth, on the sale of the problem?
A: The products sold are guaranteed INTEX genuine, INTEX materials and employ engineers to provide you with professional advisory services, the sale of the inflatable bed 180 days warranty (except for man-made damage), but the mailing costs and other related You bear the cost.

5, honeycomb (column) and pull with (I) -type structure What is the difference?
A: The honeycomb type is more advanced than the belt type, more comfortable and some technical content is higher.

6, inflatable bed in the summer and winter how to use?
A: The air permeability of the bed is relatively poor, but this problem is very good solution: covered with a layer of quilts in the summer use, as long as the above covered with a sheet, and then put a 'Mahjong 'Bamboo mat on the line, you can experience throughout the summer to sleep on the water kind of cool and comfortable feeling; winter use, covered with a thick layer of cotton or quilts in the above to increase the warmth and permeability , Like sleeping in the warm cotton pile.

7, the use of inflatable bed and maintenance
A: 1, after the purchase of the air bed can be inflated immediately after the first gas filling 8 hours before use, because the air bed and the seam at the need to take a buffer process; new bed 2 days before use, try not to gas .
2, a filling gas, the gas bed will be some relaxation, this is a normal phenomenon, some of the gas bed material flexibility, filling the gas after some up big softened, it felt lax, as long as the re-inflated to achieve the desired effect on the line, but Do not overzealize.
3, one person can be sufficient to use gas, two people to use to let go of some of the gas; seasonal change in temperature, the bed gas expansion, pay attention to deflated.
4, the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention to qi; any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to regular qi.
5, at any time can not be inflated enough (especially in the summer), otherwise the bed will be overloaded and broken, resulting in bed drum package, this situation will not be repaired.
6, to ensure that the ground bed or bed frame does not nail or stabbed and other sharp objects.
7, if used in water to ensure that suede face up, children should be used under the supervision of adults.

8, inflatable bed to clean it?
A: Yes, no suede at the bottom and side, as long as the wet cloth with soapy water can be easily wiped clean; if the suede is dirty, you need to thoroughly wash with soap and water, and let nature Dry, do not use the hair dryer tube blowing suede, can not use the washing machine to clean the air bed, can not use the days of water and other chemicals, detergent powder or any other grinding powder.

9, how to repair the damaged inflatable bed?
A: Teach you to repair the inflatable bed
A, repair the eye of a needle:
If your inflatable bed is accidentally stuck with one or more pinholes by needles or wood, it is easy to repair:
1, the gas after the bed gasification gas cap, reducing the bed gas flow;
2, the patch will remove the glue in the eye drops at the drop of glue on the line;
3, if the needle is larger, then take a toothpick, with a toothpick Jiao Jiao point of the glue, the damage to the needle into the eye, and then coated with plastic to the eye hole can be painted;
4, the repair is complete, so after four hours and then inflated.

B, repair the scratches or burn bad mouth:
If your inflatable bed is accidentally cut by a knife or burned a big hole, please do not panic, in the following order, you can make good:
1, the gas after the bed gasification gas cap, reducing the bed gas flow;
2, in the patch to find the patch material, cut a piece, to be enough to cover the broken mouth;
3, the plastic coating in the destruction of the Department, the pressure on the patch, with the glue to the side of the patch sticky;
4, to impose pressure to ensure that there is no gap on the plastic surface, with a smooth, heavy objects will be pressed firmly;
5, such as eight hours after the inflatable, repair completed.

C, suede repair:
1, carefully clean up the repair area;
2, after drying, remove the patch cut, cover the surface in the destruction, allowing a little more around;
3, in the patch and damaged surface coated with a layer of plastic, glue the side seam seam patch is good to ensure a complete seal;
4, with a smooth, heavy objects will be pressed firmly;
5, with heavy pressure, pressure to 24 hours after the inflatable, repair completed.

D, other matters:
1, remember not to inflate too full (especially in the summer), not in the bed too vigorous exercise, otherwise the bed will be overloaded within the pull and fracture, resulting in bed drums and can not repair, can only be scrapped.
2, repair with glue is a chemical, do not touch the eyes or swallow.

IMPORTANT: When inflating the air bed, it is recommended to let the air inside the bed to release more than half of the gas, placed at least an hour later to make up enough gas, such as: get up in the morning feel mattress need qi, Half, in the evening and then make up enough gas, so you can make the bed material in the case of force does not have a good elastic response process; if it has been directly qi, fatigue will lead to prolonged tension, resulting in drums and other adverse, is not conducive to Inflatable products, long-term maintenance.