'Wilderness Survival' Freeman Outdoor | Survival Magnesium Stick | Multi-functional Flint Playing Firestone Stirrup

'Wilderness Survival' Freeman Outdoor | Survival Magnesium Stick | Multi-functional Flint Playing Firestone Stirrup

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Free Soldier / Free Soldier
  • Item: zyumb1
  • made in China
  • Color classification: large long section + whistle short section + whistle
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Whether a one-time: No
  • Size: small: 5.3cm large: 6.4cm

Suitable for outdoor camping use, the use of magnesium alloy ignition materials (special treatment, good stability), with the metal side of the friction force can be instantly issued high-temperature high-brightness spark, 23000 times ignition, high reliability, adapt to climate and environmental conditions , For outdoor camping, barbecue, heating additional convenience.Other products are often affected by harsh environments such as air pressure, atmospheric oxygen content, water, wind, and so on.

Flint's reliability has made it a favorite tool for outdoor experts, hunters, fishing enthusiasts and campers.

Outdoor survival Flint Knowledge:

When it comes to taking the fire, we first feel the reaction must feel 'with a disposable lighter soon enough, why so hard .But do not forget, outdoor sports, especially in bad weather conditions, wind, rain enough to let the lighter , Match failure.At this time, reliable fire tools is the original 'flint', that is, we want to introduce the outdoor survival Flint.
Unlike natural flint, which is predominantly composed of silica, the now-used outdoor survival flint is a hand-made magnesium alloy, a derivative of rare earth metals, and therefore has better performance - Fast friction can drop a large number of thousands of degrees of metal shavings, and then quickly ignite hay, dead leaves, wood chips and other natural ignition.
In fact, the main component of American-style ignition magnesium is magnesium, magnesium can play a role in combustion, in the same way the US-magnesium block on the side of the same time, And ultimately need to cut off some flint, the use of the need to cut some of the first magnesium chips, and then flint ignited, while the outdoor flint, magnesium accounted for only a small proportion, not only with the US-like magnesium block and then scraped metal shavings and then ignited, Through the rapid scratch, direct ignition of the ignition.

Part of the fire list:

Hay, dry leaves
All plants of the villi
Pounded into oil powder shale
The candle is carefully pulled out of the wick
Can be used as a fungus
Torn into sheets of toilet paper, napkins
Dried into a powdered herbivorous faeces
Bark of the bark (only natural shedding of the bark)
If you can not find a good combustible, you can use the following items:
A small part of their own clothes (such as: pocket lined, handkerchief scarves, etc.).
Vehicle seat cushion, car mat, sponge, car towel, combustible.
Open the hood, use oil-soaked cloth to light, can also be used to make smoke signal.

Note: The new flint scraping the first to be removed several times to the surface of the black oxide layer before ignition! Start using the ignition is not strong, a lot of practice, you can handy. Knife to scrape.

Instructions for use (for reference):
step one:
The magnesium rod to withstand the bottom edge of the ground, with the blade on the bar scraped some Xu magnesium shavings, it should be noted that in scraping magnesium shavings, the blade should be perpendicular to the magnesium rod, and then scraped magnesium chips integrated A small stack near the flammable material (paper leaves, boughs, etc.).

Step two:
The side of the magnesium rod to withstand the ground was about 45 degrees from the magnesium scraps just scraped about 2.5 cm, with a knife blade to quickly scratch the effective scraping out of Mars, the blade should be perpendicular to the scratch surface Direction so that it can cause Mars, and the burning of magnesium chips, to provide you with a white flame.

Use tips:
Please put the magnesium rod on the floor of the small depression, will not be affected by wind.
Humid (not wet) combustibles can also ignite.
Ignited plastic can be used as a smoke signal in critical condition (if necessary, you can use your car tire to burn, causing the attention of airplanes.

In the field of survival documentary. Discovery-man vs wild wild survival secret, the actor Bell. Gris in extreme cases only carry three pieces of equipment - knives, flint and ** kettle.