Freedom soldiers outdoor survival kit | survival magnesium rod | multifunction take flint flint play poker

 Freedom soldiers outdoor survival kit | survival magnesium rod | multifunction take flint flint play poker

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Free Soldier / free soldiers
  • Product Number: zyumb1
  • made in China
  • Color Classification: Queen + long paragraph short paragraph small whistle whistle +
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Are Disposable: No
  • Size: Small: 5.3cm Large: 6.4cm

Suitable for outdoor camping use, the use of magnesium alloy ignition material (special treatment, good stability), sheet metal side friction force can instantly send high temperature and high brightness spark ignition 23,000 times, high reliability and adapt to climatic and environmental conditions for camping, barbecue, heating added convenience. other products are often affected by harsh environments such as pressure, oxygen content of the atmosphere, water, wind, and other factors.

Flint reliability has been making outdoor experts, hunters, anglers and campers favorite tools.

Outdoor survival flint common sense:

Speaking of fire, and we feel the first reaction must feel 'with a disposable lighter soon enough what, why so strenuous. But do not forget, outdoor sports, especially in adverse weather conditions, wind, rain enough to make lighter , matches failed this time, but it is a reliable tool for making fire original 'flint', that is, I would like to introduce outdoor survival flint.
The main component of natural flint silica difference is that now use outdoor survival flint magnesium alloy is artificially prepared, rare earth metal derivative, which therefore have better performance - with knives, saws fast friction can drop a lot of thousands of metal shavings, and then quickly ignited hay, leaves, sawdust and other natural firelighters.
When it comes to everyone in outdoor survival flint, they often block with magnesium, magnesium rods confused. In fact, the American magnesium block fire main ingredient is magnesium, magnesium can play the role of combustion, in the same side of the American magnesium block ultimately, flint, we need to cut the use of some magnesium shavings, then the flint to ignite, while outdoor flint, and only a small proportion of magnesium, not only as the first American magnesium block rubbed metal shavings ignited again, and more by rapidly scratching, direct ignition firelighters.

Part tinder list:

Hay, dry leaves
All fluff plant
Oil shale pounded powder
Carefully pull the candle wick in
It can be used as tinder fungus
Torn sheet of toilet paper, napkins
Dry powder into the feces of herbivores
Bark sheet (using only natural shedding bark)
If you can not find a good combustible, you can use the following items:
Small portion of the garment itself (eg: pocket lining, scarves handkerchiefs etc.).
Vehicle seat underlay, car mats, sponges, Cleaning towel, combustibles.
The hood is opened using a piece of cloth soaked in oil to light, also used to be made smoke signals.

Note:! New flint need to scratch the first few times to remove surface black oxide layer before ignition to start using the ignition is not strong, a lot of practice, the can comes in handy as tinder iron is not easy to use, can be used. knife to scrape burning.

Instructions for use (for reference):
step one:
The bottom edge of the magnesium rod to withstand the ground, with the blade scraped some of the promise of magnesium turnings in the stick, to be noted that, when the scraping of magnesium turnings, the blade should be the magnesium rod in a vertical direction is then scraped magnesium turnings integration beside a small pile near combustibles (paper bark, leaves, twigs, etc.).

Step two:
The magnesium rod side against the ground at a 45 degree angle or so, just scraped from magnesium turnings about 2.5 cm, and quickly scratched with a knife edge to effectively scraping out Mars, leaving it perpendicular to the blade and scrape direction thus making it possible to cause Mars, but will burn magnesium turnings, give you a white flame.

Please magnesium rod placed at a small depression on the ground, not affected by wind.
Damp (not wet) can ignite combustible materials.
Ignite plastic can be used as smoke signals critical time. (If necessary, you can take advantage of car tires to burn, causing air planes attention.)

Survive in the wild documentary Discovery-man vs wild wilderness survival cheat, the actor Bell Gris in extreme cases only carry three equipment. - Knives, flint and ** kettle.