SupFire SureFire flashlight dedicated 18650 lithium battery | rechargeable 3.7V with protection board pointed

SupFire SureFire flashlight dedicated 18650 lithium battery | rechargeable 3.7V with protection board pointed

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Supfire
  • Color Classification: single purple violet single cell batteries (with protection board)
  • Item No: AB2
  • Time to market: 2013 summer

Factory appearance of the product may have a little fine-tuning specific products, please prevail in kind

Note: The battery is a consumable item easy to use because of personal problems.

Only one month warranty. Within six months to pay postage can be sent back free replacement.

Most T6 series flashlight, battery default distribution, are without protection board battery Oh, want to buy a battery with protection board, look at the following description of the battery

Battery divided into 2 types

With low-voltage protection, low battery automatic power-off, anti-over-discharge overcharging.

Without protection board battery, Flashlight circuit board can cause a reduction in luminance according to the reduced voltage, the brightness is weak when you need to recharge the battery, or else over-discharge can lead to cell damage Please purchase according to individual customer needs

A matter of time.

Q: What is constant

A: Simply put, the constant current is not bright flashlight would have been based on reducing electricity consumption and reduce the brightness.

Q: Why flashlight battery voltage is too low, and will not turn off automatically?

answer: This is because, if you're biking or doing other important things, if low voltage protection flashlight suddenly forced to close, it is prone to accidents (if forced off the circuit board from the low-pressure flashing prompt to forcibly shut down the process time is very short, usually less than one minute to complete). so our flashlight with low voltage prompts bad but forced to close, parents who do not pay attention to over-discharge battery oh.

Flashlight and batteries Care Tips

Simple point, the nature of the lithium battery flashlight and ice used almost as if the ice melted during discharge process. Flashlight comes with over-discharge protection, if the flashlight starts blinking or decrease in brightness, it indicates that the battery needs charging voltage is too low (like a block of ice into water soon need to re-frozen), after flashing if not continue recharging the battery will discharge completely over discharge scrapped off (almost as if the ice into water re-frozen if this time can also recover, but thoroughly into water evaporates it completely useless)

Long-term storage of lithium batteries will slowly relieved a little power, so please do not use the long half charge and discharge point (think of ice is very simple, long-term storage will slowly dissipate). Develop good habits will greatly extend the battery life. Make sure you pay attention, cause prolonged storage battery over-discharge of the battery is not a quality problem, his own characteristics on the decision. Please do not for this reason that just the difference in assessment.

[Product Description]

Brand: SupFire

Specifications: LC 18650 with protection board

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

With protection board within SupFire 18650 (tip) rechargeable lithium battery

Scope: digital camera batteries, laptop batteries, electric toys batteries, flashlight batteries, etc.

special reminder:

New battery charge before first use, the rechargeable battery needs to be careful not to over-charge and over-discharge, otherwise it will damage the battery, the charging and discharging of the battery damage caused by improper, the shop is not responsible for all after full lithium battery voltage of 4.2V, the battery voltage please about 3.6V to charge it in time, such as the battery voltage is below 3V or less can not be charged, it will cause the battery scrap.


Carefully read the following precautions to ensure proper use of lithium-ion batteries.

To prevent battery leakage, explosion, fire, etc. occurs, please note the following:

Do not put the battery into water or get it wet;
- Do not heat source (like fire or heater) used or stored near the battery;
- Please use the original charger;
- Do not reverse the positive and negative;
- Do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or car cigarette lighter socket;
- Do not throw batteries into fire or heat the battery;
- Prohibit the use of wires or other metal objects positive and negative terminal of the battery, the battery and the prohibition necklaces, hairpins or other metal objects together with the transport or storage;
- Do not strike, throw or subject the battery to mechanical vibration;
- Prohibit the use of nails or other sharp objects piercing the battery case, the battery is prohibited hammering or foot;
- Do not directly solder the battery terminals;
- Do not disassemble the battery in any way;
- Do not under fire or extreme heat conditions to charge the battery.
- Prohibit the battery into a microwave oven or pressure vessel;
- Prohibit and primary batteries (such as batteries) or different capacity, type, variety battery combination;
- Do not use if the battery gives off an odor, heat, deformation, discoloration, or any other abnormal phenomena occur; if the battery is being used or charged, should

Remove immediately and stop using the charger from the electrical appliance or use;
- Batteries should be kept out of reach of children. If a child accidentally swallowing batteries should seek medical attention immediately;
- If the battery leaks or emits an odor, immediately remove it from near open flames;
Electrolyte leakage may cause fire or explosion;
- If the battery leaks electrolyte gets into your eyes, do not rub, rinse with water, seek medical attention immediately if not promptly treated, the eyes will be subject to


Do not use the battery in extremely hot environment such as direct sunlight or in a car on a hot day. Otherwise, the battery will overheat, catch fire (light), so

It can affect battery performance and shorten battery life.
Use only a battery under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce battery performance or shorten battery life. The battery may use outside of this temperature range

Cause overheating, explosion or fire.
working environment:
Charging: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
: -20℃~60℃
30 days Storage: -20 ℃
Stored for 90 days: -20 ℃
When children use the battery, you need to press the contents of the user manual of the teachings, and pay close attention to them to ensure proper use of the battery.

If the battery leakage, electrolyte get on skin or clothing, wash immediately with flowing water in the affected area, or it may cause skin irritation.
Read the manual battery device, the battery of the correct installation and removal.

If the unit is not in use, remove the battery and place it in a cool, dry place, otherwise, the battery may rust or deteriorate
If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe with a dry cloth before use clean. Otherwise the battery will be poor contact, causing energy loss or can not be charged