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Dorewin / Darwin D03 aux audio cable car | Car cable 3.5mm male to male recording line

Dorewin / Darwin D03 aux audio cable car | Car cable 3.5mm male to male recording line
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Dorewin / Darwin D03
  • Brand: Dorewin / Darwin and stable
  • Model: D03
  • Process: gold-plated
  • color: black
  • Wire category: audio cable
  • Material: pure copper
  • Length: 1.5 meters 1 meter 3 meters 5 meters 10 meters 15 meters 20 meters

And stability Gold-plated 3.5AUX audio cable Suitable for connection between devices with 3.5mm stereo audio interface, such as mobile phone MP3, notebook Computer CD player and amplifier, speakers and car stereo system equipment connection, so that you can through the amplifier, car speakers and other equipment to listen to from the Mobile phones, MP3 and laptop audio content.To bring you a different music experience!

'Brand'Darwin / dorewin

'product name'Car AUX3.5mm audio cable male to male audio cable

'Interface Type' 3.5 male

'Connector Type' 3.5 male

'Wire' high-quality materials, line of soft, difficult to oxidation

This AUX cable is suitable for mobile phones (Iphone), computers, DVDs, televisions, CD players and so on.

And amplifiers, speakers and the connection between the transmission of their audio signals

'Use of' car, home, study, living room, bedroom, office, business, conference, education, entertainment and so on

'Product advantages' stereo sound, plug and play, easy to use

'Packaging' fashion simple packaging

'After-sales service' and stability of quality, sincere service, worry-free shopping

'This product commonly used name'Aux car audio cable mp3, Car audio audio line , Phone audio cable , Audio cable 3.5mm , Car Audio Line