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The new short plush car steering wheel cover | Winter sets | New Focus Excelle Corzine Polaris Long Yi

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qi Jie
  • Model: JP011
  • Surface material: artificial plush
  • Artificial plush types: nylon
  • Black and white stitching section - black and purple stitching section - black and gray solid color plush paragraph - black color leopard models - black and white stitching section - Black and white stitching section - m gray stitching section 10 - dark gray stitching ten sections - red + black solid color plush paragraph - gray color stitching section - black and white classic grid section - Style - gray solid color plush paragraph - brown color leopard pattern - red stitching section 10 - orange + m classic checkered section - black and red plush color - golden color leopard section - black
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Matching steering wheel diameter: 38cm
  • Style: mature type

Note: reverse hair along the hair display screen will cause color difference Please see after the purchase (color does not return as a reason)

This set of plush sets of sizes are 38cm for 95% of the models use details at the bottom of the car size table for other sizes please take a note, or contact customer service.

''OUR all steering wheel sets are white plastic ring, to ensure 100% non-slip 100% tasteless 100% does not lose hair ''

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