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Youxin new Saili Tiida Li Wei Sunshine Qi Jun car car decoration modified telescopic short antenna

Youxin new Saili Tiida Li Wei Sunshine Qi Jun car car decoration modified telescopic short antenna
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: excellent letter
  • Model: u-9885
  • Antenna Type: Radio Antenna
  • Car brand: Honda Suzuki Mazda Zhijie Kai Chen Nissan Chevrolet Changan
  • Car system: front Fan Fit
  • New Year 's Republic of China
  • Section:...
  • Department of cars: Alto
  • New Year 's Republic of China 2011 paragraph 2013 section 2016 models
  • Cars: Mazda 2
  • New Year 's Republic of China
  • Car: Big 7 SUV
  • New Year 's Republic of China
  • Car: D50 R30 R50 T70
  • New Year 's Day 2015 Section 2020 models
  • Year: 2014 2016 models
  • New Year 's Day 2015 Section 2020 models
  • Year: 2015 2016 models
  • Car system: Qi Chun Sun Li Li Tiida
  • The annual section of the 2012 section of the 2012 paragraph 2020 models
  • New Year 's Republic of China, the amount of money
  • New Year 's Republic of China
  • New Year 's Republic of China (including the amount of money)
  • Car system: create a cool game Europe and Europe 3
  • Year: 2014 2016 models
  • The annual section of the 2011 paragraph 2013 models
  • Year: 2015 2016 models
  • Cars: CS75
  • Year: 2014 2015 paragraph 2016 models
  • Color classification: 6cm short antenna black 6cm short antenna silver telescopic antenna black telescopic antenna silver telescopic antenna blue
  • Service content: support installation
  • Style: short antenna

all Rena, K2, Rui Yi The owner, to buy the antenna only '6 cm silver' Of this can be installed, Other telescopic, 6CM black screw hole size is not the same, not installed, Need to buy in the color classification inside the choice '6cm short antenna silver' Buy, and the radio effect is not guaranteed, do not pretend to ask what other black, telescopic there is no goods, can we install, we have once again stressed that the instructions, do not try to shoot other, otherwise we will follow you Photographed orders shipped, received the goods can not bear the consequences of their own, because the consultants, customer service busy, no longer a separate one by one notice!

Size: can not stretch the short paragraph 6CM / cm, scalable: not stretched 11 cm, after stretching 27 cm

The original car without the antenna base, the original car antenna and screw not screw down, are not suitable for the installation of this antenna!Some buyers on this short antenna often ask questions:

Q: how is the quality of your home antenna?

A: We guarantee that this section of the antenna in the factory before shipment have been checked by the professional staff to ensure that there is no quality problems and then shipped, please rest assured that you buy.

Q: is my **** car, this antenna is suitable?

A: As long as your car with the original antenna base, and can be screwed down, are suitable for installation, this section is a universal modified antenna, 99% of the models are suitable.As a general-purpose modified antenna, for different models at the bottom The diameter may appear or too large or small case, the pursuit of the perfect owner to buy carefully.

Q: What is the signal from this antenna?

A: on the signal problem is not guaranteed. Our antenna is a modified short antenna, 1. Short antenna signal is not the original car long antenna is good; 2. As the original car's radio host is not compatible with this short Antenna, it will lead to a little signal is not possible, which is why some owners reflect the installation will not affect the original car radio, and some owners will say that the signal is not; 3. also with the road signal coverage You are careful to consider, of course, if you do not feel satisfied you can choose 7 days no reason to return.

'Introduction' material for the aluminum alloy, high quality, value for money.
Ultra-short section: aluminum alloy short-cut antenna black, silver, length 6CM; original car radio antenna is too long, often lead to automatic washing machine, this modified aluminum antenna, both affect the radio effect, but also Can improve this problem, the absolute value.

Telescopic section: retractable antenna, length 11-27.5CM, currently only black, silver, blue.


1, first remove the original antenna and keep the base.
2, aluminum alloy material, simple and elegant appearance;
3, select the appropriate bolt size and rotate the installation.

1, installation requirements, buy this product, be sure to first determine your own car radio antenna is able to rotate down, and secondly, your radio antenna is a screw, the body itself is a nut.
2, the product package with 2 screws, select a thread buckle thickness and your car antenna thread buckle the same thickness of a screw screwed at the bottom of the antenna, tighten, and then twisted in the car body antenna nut Can be

Note: This product, no antenna base models can not be installed.

Tip: on the signal problem Antenna signal is good or bad, the reception effect is also affected by other aspects, incomplete is the antenna problem, some sections are not covered in the network signal area, or coverage is not comprehensive will lead to signal degradation.

And the phone is a reason, no matter how good the phone also has a bad signal to receive the place, so can not guarantee your area or place can also receive the best results! This also please understand! (On the signal problem and pro Make an objective and clear description, please pro before the purchase of careful consideration, this section of the short antenna at the same time to facilitate some of the original car you want to replace the original antenna or like to modify the owner of the use of friends, if you want to change a 16 yuan antenna to reach Mercedes , BMW effect, please detour!)