10W Volume Controller For Speakers

10W Volume Controller For Speakers

Product description:

Model: MC-10/ MC-10D/ MC-10J/ MC-10DJ'

Producttechnical parameters:

Rated power: 10W'

With'D': strong cutting function,strong plug signal: 24VDC,15mA

With'J': 5 channels to choose

With'DJ': strong cutting and 5 channelsselection functions

Meterial: plastic ABS flame retardant material

Type: All modes have 5 levels of volumn control function

Frequency Response: 30-30KHz

Gear Attenuation: step1: TURN OFF

step2: -4dB

step3: -1dB

step4: -0.5dB

step5: 0'

Hole Size (mm) : 86*86*50

10/10D Net Weight: 60g

10J/ 10DJ Net Weight: 70g

Packing Size (mm) : 470*290*220

10/10D Gross Weight: 3.9kg (48/ box)

10J/ 10DJGross Weight: 4.4kg (48/ box)