Uhf Wireless Conference Microphone System

Uhf Wireless Conference Microphone System

Product description:

Model: ZH-912B (one set =1 receiver + 4 wireless transmitter)

Product description:

Using UHF ultra-high frequency band, lessinterference than traditional VHF band, and more reliable on transmission. Equippedwith Multi-channel frequency synthesis technology of DPLL digital phase-lockedloop, can provide more than 200 channels at 250 KHZ channel space within 50MHzfrequency band. It's convenient for Multiple sets of machines used at the sametime and easy to avoid all kinds of interference. Even if the frequency of emitterand receiver tuning wrong, you just need to press the button, then thetransmitter will automatically lock the frequency of receiver and adjustconsistently according to the advanced automatic frequency hopping technology. High-lowpower switching function, suitable for meeting places (high power emission) ,classrooms and KTV rooms (low power emission) . To save battery power. Equipped with transmitter andreceiver lock function to prevent from incorrect operation. Moreover, you canadjust the sensitivity as needed through the receiver sensitivity adjustment function to improve the capacity ofresisting disturbance and increase the receiving distance. Aexcellent LCD display make the working states more clear.

Technical Parameters:

system index

Frequency range


Modulation range

Broadband FM

Adjustable range


Channel number


Channel spacing


Frequency stability

within ±0.005%

Dynamic range


Max. frequency deviation


Audio response

80Hz-18KHz (±3dB)


) 105dB

integrated distortion


Operating temperature


receiver index

receiver mode

Secondary super heterodyne


First IF: 110MHz, second IF: 10.7MHz

radio interface

BNC/ 50Ω


12dBμV (80dB S/ N)

Sensitivity adjustment range

12-32 dBμV

spur suppression


Max. power level


transmitter index

Antenna program

1/4 Wavelength whip antennae for Palin hanging type transmitter, Handheld microphone built-in spiral antenna

Output power

High power: 30mW; low power: 3Mw

Spurious suppression


Power supply

Two AA batteries

Service time

30mW: more than 10 hours, 3mW: more than 15 hours