Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Product description:

ZH-7001E wireless Bluetooth speaker system

Brief Introduction:

This system adopts the 2.4 G wireless digital communication technology, integrated design (wireless microphone, wireless receiver, power amplifier, loudspeaker) . It's economicalandpractical. Can reduce the burdens

of teachers and improve the teaching quality.:

1. system's main functions and features

2. wireless public address teaching

3. Campus radio broadcast

4. Multimedia audio power amplification

5. priority for campus broadcasting

can be used as multimedia player

1, System Features: Meet the teaching demand amplification

2, with High-fidelity stereo sound, fast Signal transmission, without sound delay.

3, Create the perfect teaching environment.

4, can be used at the same time, no interference and crosstalk .: Wide compatibility (teaching pa, radio broadcasting; multimedia equipment) .

5, PC audio, audio cassette, DVD audio signals.etc: easy to operate

6, Intelligent audio test, automatic on frequency.

energy conservation and environment protection.:

System Technical parameter: power

AC 200V 50Hz: output power (80W)

peak: Speaker unit 6

mid-bass speaker, treble: frequency range

2.400GHz-2.483GHz: sensitivity

-90dB: SNR

90dB: (Distortion

0.1%: color

black & white: dimension

330mm*220mm*150mm: installation

wall mount

auto-sleep for power saving.:

1. 2.4G wireless mic: Modulation Mode

2. GFSK: Operating frequency

3. ISM 2.4GHz free band.

4. 10dBm RF out, reduce interference to other devices in the same frequency band: sampling rate: 32K, resolution

5. 16bit.: SNR: 80dB, dynamic range: 81dB, sensitivity

6. -85dBm.: frequency response50~15KHz.±

7. 3dB: Distortion

8. THD 0.1%: Code distance

9. 3meters

with audio line input port, can adjust the volume on the launcher by launching microphone audio transmission.: 10. Infrared Distanceradius

12 meters: 12. power supply: lithium battery, The charging time

2 hours, 15 hours for using.