ST-30C handheld needle detector Needle | knitting needle textile and apparel detect | Food detector detector

ST-30C handheld needle detector Needle | knitting needle textile and apparel detect | Food detector detector

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Superb
  • Model: ST-30C

High sensitivity ST-30C hand-held needle detector machine

ST-30C hand-held needle detector

ST-30C is a sensitivity adjustable handheld needle detector with a low sensitivity adjustment function key, high detection sensitivity is particularly suitable for metal buttons, metal zippers ferromagnetic inspection work (a pin).; detection demanding children's clothing, underwear apply. which portable hand-held needle detector using magnetic induction principle, can effectively and accurately detect the specific location of the needle and other iron items. for thin pieces and is ideal for testing small items suitable for large-scale needle detected later, the handheld needle detector can help you find exactly small needle or the exact location of ferromagnetic metals.
1, can knitting, clothing, socks, clothing, leather, shoes and so thin, small pieces of products for Broken Needle detection, can quickly find the drop-off needle decapitation correct.
2, can be used for metal buttons, etc. Clothing accessories conduct inspection of ferromagnetic impurities, high sensitivity equivalent to the so-called 8-10, 5-8 corresponds to low sensitivity level Needle (High Sensitivity Detection 0.5 ~ 0.8mm for textile inspection, low sensitivity for detecting 0.9-1.2mm require low metal buttons zippers and shoes, leather, nails class detection probe use).
3, for medicine, food, chemical raw materials for detection of ferromagnetic materials.
4, the inspection may be present on wood, walls, tables, inside the nail, steel, pipe.
5, on the human body, animals and other work-related injuries, cuts, crushing and other parts inspection, check whether the internal iron infiltrated harmful substance.
6, can also be used to quickly search the border customs posts, civil servants being seized hidden weapon.
main feature
1, with a level of sensitivity adjustment function keys, sound and light alarm
2, using high-quality carbon fiber anti-static conductive plastic production pack
3, simple, light and easy to carry, high detecting sensitivity
4, use of imported high-end digital chips, more stable product performance and durability
5, can accurately identify the needle (metal) Location
6, continuous long-term work, no heat, no overload
7, will produce a continuous supply voltage is below than chirping sound when 6V or less, said power shortages should be replaced battery
The main parameters
Detection method Detection method: magnetic field induced
Detection Sensitivity Detection ability: upscale FeΦ0.5mm-0.8mm; low 0.9-1.2mm
Sensor adjustment Detection adjustment: high-low adjustment
Detection width Detection width: 50mm
Detection height Detection hight: 10mm
Alarm Alarm method: Sound and light alarm
Power Power supply: 6F22-9V battery
Power Pated output: Standby <5mA, sound and light alarm <30mA
Dimensions Dunension: 195 × 58 × 50mm (length × width × height)
Net weight Weight: about 280G
Marked with
1, a hand-held probe iron instrument a
2, the standard test card (1.2mm or 1.0mm iron ball)
3, high-performance environmentally friendly batteries GP two (one built)
4, a certificate
5, warranty card
6, the description of a product
7, a beautifully packaged gift boxes