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Hand-held Needle Detector ST-30C Needle Detector | Needle Detector for Knitted Textile Garments | Food Detector Detector

Hand-held Needle Detector ST-30C Needle Detector | Needle Detector for Knitted Textile Garments | Food Detector Detector
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  • Model: ST-30C

High sensitivity ST-30C hand-held needle detector

ST-30C hand-held needle detector

ST-30C is a sensitivity adjustable hand-held needle detector, a sensitivity of a key adjustment function, excellent detection sensitivity. Particularly suitable for metal buttons, metal zipper ferromagnetic inspection operations (over-pin) The use of magnetic induction principle, can effectively and accurately detect broken iron and other items of specific location. For thin and small pieces of goods detection is extremely applicable. After the large needle detector, the hand-held needle detector can help you find the exact location of steel pin or ferromagnetic metal.
Scope of application
1, can be knitted, clothing, socks, clothing, leather, shoes and other thin, small pieces of products for Broken Needle Detection, can quickly find the broken iron pin breakage.
2, can be used for metal buttons and other clothing accessories for ferromagnetic impurities, the sensitivity is equivalent to the so-called 8-10 level, the general sensitivity is equivalent to 5-8 level needle (sensitivity detection 0.5 ~ 0.8mm for textile inspection, the general sensitivity Detection of 0.9-1.2mm for low metal button zippers and shoe, leather, nail detection class detection use).
3, for drugs, food, chemical raw materials such as ferromagnetic material testing.
4, on the wood, walls, tables inside the nail, steel, pipe inspection of the existence.
5, the human body, livestock and other industrial injuries, stab wounds, crush and other parts of the inspection, check whether the infiltration of harmful internal iron filings.
6, can also be used for border guards check, civil servants were seized by officers of the hidden weapon of the rapid search.
main feature
1, the sensitivity of a key adjustment function, sound and light alarm at the same time
2, the use of high-quality carbon fiber anti-static conductive plastic production box
3, simple operation, light and easy to carry, the detection sensitivity is very high
4, the product performance is more stable and durable
5, can be well identified broken needle (metal) location
6, continuous long-term work, no heat, does not produce overload phenomenon
7, the power supply voltage is less than 6V when there will be more than continuous chirping, then the power shortage should replace the battery
The main parameters
Magnetic Field Induction
Detection ability: FeΦ0.5mm-0.8mm; 0.9-1.2mm
Sensing adjustment
Detection width: 50mm
Detection height: 10mm
Alarm method: sound and light alarm
Power supply: 6F22-9V battery
Power Pated output: standby <5mA, sound and light alarm <30mA
Dimensions: 195 × 58 × 50mm (length × width × height)
Weight: about 280G

1, a hand-held iron detector
2, a standard test card (1.2mm or 1.0mm iron ball)
3, high-performance GP green battery two (a built-in)
4, a certificate
5, a warranty card
6, a product manual
7, a beautifully packaged gift box