Senlod * Genuine MD-90 underground metal detector / detectors | 2 meters underground treasure-hunting instrument | lightweight!

Senlod * Genuine MD-90 underground metal detector / detectors | 2 meters underground treasure-hunting instrument | lightweight!

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SENLOD / Sun to reach
  • Model: 91

This product has been detected security testing center by the Ministry of Public Security authorities third party!

Product quality is generally non-homogeneous products can be compared, buyers do please rest assured purchase!


This product uses the voice alarm and instrumentation, probe depth probe with the metal by area, shape, weight, have a great relationship, in general, the larger the area, the greater the number, the greater the corresponding probing depth; on the contrary, the smaller the area, the fewer the number, the smaller the corresponding depth.

Some common questions:

1. Q: How deep can detect metal?

Answer: The deepest 1.8 m -2 m refers to one square meters large, a thickness of 1 cm in standard iron can probe into the depths, does not mean that other metals also can be measured by the depth of different metal objects, the size and weight soil texture and other environmental impacts.

2. Q: warranty?

Answer: one year warranty, artificial damage insurance for one year, which costs the buyer and seller each pay half, if not acceptance to sign, followed by the discovery of a problem, the buyer conceit.

3. Q: Can you offer?

Answer: The price is already upset, no way offers.

4. Q: If inappropriate, you can change it?

Answer: purely instrument-quality problems can be replaced.

5. Q: gold, silver can measure how much you can get it measured??

Answer: You can get the test, but not directly tips are gold or silver (there are so many buyers of fantasy, if they can show gold and silver, we have long held the instrument out looking for gold far as I know the world has not this instrument, any price would be) The instrument can only distinguish non-ferrous metal and black metal, black metal substantially iron-based, and there are many non-ferrous metals, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum , Magnesium, potassium, strontium, barium, copper, lead, zinc, tin and so on.

6. Q: Which production

This is the Shanghai production, packaging is kraft paper box, neutral packing, mostly for export, there is no specified address, please note that buyers.

Underground metal detector

Metal detector uses a subject line structure, while drawing on the essence of domestic and foreign products designed overall appearance of simple, smooth, with small size, light weight, easy to operate, flexible, underground metal detector series can not be little more of a new product.
Metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify hidden metal objects buried in the ground, in addition to its military purposes, it may also be applied:
● Customs inspection and safety check;
● public security departments cracked Interpol search;
● testing of raw materials, fuel, food metal foreign body;
● check mail, baggage and parcel of metal objects;
● exploration underground pipes, lines;
● exploration iron, prospecting, archeology;
● found buried underground metal artifacts and treasures of gold and silver;
● scrap metal recycling.

Product Features:
● aluminum shell, high strength, light weight, corrosion;
● features a balanced line, can eliminate the influence of 'mineralization reaction' caused, improve the depth and accuracy of detection;
● can be repeated rechargeable batteries work;
● detect metal sound through speakers or headphones identified.

Technical Parameters:
Operation: balance / Recognition
Transmission frequency: 6.99 ± 0.2KHz
Audio Frequency: 450 ± 10Hz
Power: about 1W
Power: 8 1.5V battery / rechargeable battery (optional)
Standard with: headphones, search coil
Detection plate size: detection plate (diameter 300mm)
Detection sensitivity: 25-30 cm (one dollar coin)
Maximum depth: 1.8 m
Note: according to the enterprise standard products with a (length: 60 cm × width: 60 cm × thickness: 1 cm) aluminum plate buried in the soil of dried Found In general, the larger the area, the greater the number, depth of investigation. greater; the smaller the area, the fewer the number, the smaller the corresponding probing depth.

Packing Standard:
Single Packing Weight: 4.5kg
Single Packing size: 775 * 455 * 190mm
Packing Packing Weight: 19.5kg (4 / box)
FCL exterior dimensions: 765 * 480 * 790mm
Products through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, through the European Union CE, ROHS certification.

Instrument Control Key Description:

First, reset button

There is a button at the bottom of the instrument, it's a very important role in the adjustment of the instrument, the work process, Often to press

and Relax after the button by pressing, release the button, the memory circuit inside the machine will automatically Write down the adjusted operating state. As

Fruit forget press release button, it is bound to affect probing depth.

Second, the tuner knob

The role of the tuner is to bring up the 'critical voice' by the left of the tuner clockwise rotation, opened the first power switch,

With continued rotation to the right, the sound from scratch, from small to large. In the detection, it should be transferred to a slight

'Buzzing' sound, the sound is very small, just barely able to hear on the line, this is the 'critical voice'. This is only transferred

When species faint sound of the instrument that has the highest sensitivity, if the 'critical voice' tuned too or No adjustment

The voice, the instrument will reduce the sensitivity.

Before tuning 'critical voice', be sure to press the button, after a good tune and then release the button. If the detection process,

'Critical voice' disappear gradually increase or decrease, press and release the button to enable detection again after recovery 'critical voice'.

After the instrument is completed, the tuner rotates counterclockwise twist to the left end of the power is turned off, do not let the instrument

Driving power vacant.

Third, the operation mode switch

Operating mode switch has two stalls, one is balanced and the other is recognized. The switch to the balanced profile, the instrument

All metals will beep, and can eliminate the influence of 'mineralization reaction' is. If the switch to identify the file, instrument

We can distinguish between different types of metals.

Fourth, work adjustment knob

Working with the adjustment knob operation mode switch is used, it is marked with around 0-10 scale. When balancing operation on the ground,

By adjusting this knob can be ruled out 'mineralization reaction'; when identifying the operation mode, which is used to distinguish between different types of


Fifth, headphone jack

Detectors can be equipped with plug headphones, plug in headphones, speakers sound is interrupted, the operator can hear the sound from the headphones,

So in a noisy environment or night operation.