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Senlod * Genuine MD-90 underground metal detector / detector | 2 meters underground exploration treasure instrument | Light!

Senlod * Genuine MD-90 underground metal detector / detector | 2 meters underground exploration treasure instrument | Light!
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SENLOD / Shun Lida
  • Model Number: 91

This product has been adopted by third-party authoritative department of the Ministry of Public Security Security Detection Testing Center!

Product quality can be compared to the general non-similar products, buyers do please feel free to buy!


This product uses the sound alarm and the instrument display, the depth of exploration with the exploration of metal area, shape, weight has a great relationship, in general, the larger the area, the greater the number, the corresponding depth of the greater; The smaller the area, the smaller the number, the smaller the corresponding depth.

A few common problems:

1. Q: How deep can detect the metal?

Answer: the deepest 1.8 meters -2 meters refers to 1 square meter, the thickness of 1 cm of standard iron can be probed to this depth, other metals do not represent can also be measured by the metal depth of the different, and the size of the weight Soil texture and other environmental impact.

2. Q: Is there a warranty?

Answer: Paul one year, non-human damage to protect one year, which costs, buyers and sellers each bear half, if not checked on the sign, and then found a problem later, the buyer at your own risk.

3. Q: Can you offer?

Answer: The price is the reserve price, and no way concessions.

4. Q: If not appropriate, you can change it?

Answer: purely instrument quality problems can be replaced.

5. Q: gold, silver can be measured? How much can be measured?

Answer: can be measured, but it can not be directly prompted to be gold or silver (many buyers have such fantasy, if you can show gold and silver, we have long been out of the apparatus to find gold, as far as I know the world has not This instrument, there will be astronomical) Equipment can only distinguish non-ferrous metals and black metal, black metal is basically iron-based, and there are many non-ferrous metals, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum , Magnesium, potassium, strontium, barium, copper, lead, zinc, tin and so on.

6. Q: Which produced

This is the production of Shanghai, the box is kraft paper boxes, neutral packaging, most of the export, so did not specify the address, please buyers attention.

Underground metal detector

Metal detectors used in the main line structure, while absorbing the essence of similar products at home and abroad designed.The overall appearance of simple, smooth, with a small form factor, light weight, easy to use, flexible, is the underground metal detector series A new product.
Metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify hidden in the underground metal objects, which in addition to military purposes, but also can be applied to:
● Customs inspection and safety inspection;
● the detection of criminal police department search;
● detection of raw materials, fuel, food in the metal foreign body;
● Check the mail, the package of metal objects;
● Detection of underground pipelines, lines;
● exploration, exploration, archaeological;
● found buried in the ground of gold and silver treasures and metal artifacts;
● scrap metal recycling.

Product Features:
● The use of aluminum alloy shell, with high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion;
● Equipped with a balanced circuit, can eliminate the 'mineralization reaction' to bring the impact, effectively improve the detection depth and accuracy;
● can be used to repeat the work of rechargeable batteries;
● Detection of metal sounds through speaker or headphone recognition.

Technical Parameters:
Operation: ground balance / identification
Transmitting frequency: 6.99 ± 0.2KHz
Audio frequency: 450 ± 10Hz
Power: about 1W
Power supply: 8 1.5V battery / rechargeable battery (optional)
Standard: headset, detection disk
Detection disk size: detection disk (diameter 300mm)
Detection sensitivity: 25-30 cm (one yuan coins)
Maximum detection depth: 1.8 meters
Note: According to the enterprise standard of the product, a piece of aluminum plate (length: 60cm × width: 60cm × thickness: 1cm) is embedded in the dry soil to measure.In general, the larger the area, the more, The smaller the area, the smaller the number, the corresponding detection depth is also smaller.

Packing standard:
Single box weight: 4.5kg
Single packing size: 775 * 455 * 190mm
Packing box weight: 19.5kg (4 units / box)
FCL External dimensions: 765 * 480 * 790mm
Products through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, through the EU CE, ROHS certification.

Instrument control key:

First, the reset button

Under the instrument has a button, its role is very important in the adjustment of the instrument, the work process, Often press

and The pushbutton is pressed to release the memory circuit automatically Make a note of the adjusted work status

If you forget to press the button, will inevitably affect the detection depth.

Second, the tuner knob

The role of the tuner is to bring up the 'critical sound.' Turn the tuner clockwise from the left, the first turn on the power switch,

As you continue to rotate to the right, the sound grows from scratch, from small to large, and when it is detected, it should be transferred to a slight

'Buzzing' sound, the sound is very small, as long as they can barely hear on the line, this is the 'critical sound'. Only transferred to this

The faint sound, the instrument only has the highest sensitivity, if the 'critical sound' tune too much or There is no tone

The sound, the sensitivity of the instrument will be reduced.

In the transfer 'critical sound' before, be sure to press the button, adjust the release after the release button if the detection process,

'Critical sound' gradually increased or decreased to disappear, press the button to put 'critical sound' recovery after detection.

After using the instrument, turn the tuner to the counterclockwise direction to the left end of the turn off the power, do not let the instrument

Turn on the power supply.

Third, the operation mode switch

Operation mode switch has two stalls, one is the ground balance, the other is to identify the switch to the ground balance file, the instrument

For all the metal will sound, and can rule out the 'mineralization' effect .If the switch to the identification file, instrument

The device can distinguish between different types of metals.

Fourth, the work adjustment knob

Work adjustment knob is used with the operating mode switch, it is marked with a scale of 0-10 around the ground to balance operation,

By adjusting this knob, the 'mineralization' can be ruled out; in identifying the mode of operation, it is used to distinguish between different types


5, headphone jack

The detector can be equipped with headphones, plug in the headset, the speaker sound interrupted, the operator can hear the sound from the headset,

So that in a noisy environment or night operation.