Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device

Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device

Product description:

Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device:

Fall Prevention Device (Fiber Strops) , serve as additional safety precautions for Lifeboat drills

onboard lifeboats using hook release systems without integral Fall Prevention Devices.

Fall Prevention Devices (Fiber Strops) , have been designed after extensive research and

development. Exceeding the guidelines set in MSC 1327, the fiber strops are an easy and

cost-effective additional safety measure.

12 strand UHMWPE SK75 rope, SWL5tons, MWL 30tons

SS304 themble eye fitted with screw pin shackles both ends

Size of rope: dia. 24mm x length 0.9m

Shackle size: 7/8 SWL6.1/2tons c/ w Canvas Protector

Certificate: CCS, BV/ EC