Yokohama Fender

Yokohama Fender

Product description:

Yokohama Fender:


1. Using compressed air as daming medium, the Yokohama fender can transform flexibly

under pressure, with large contact area, small reaction and absorb large amount of energy

2. When berthing, the ship is almost at a certain angle, the Yokohama fender can realize

contact in a certain angle by bringing full play to its performance.

3. Floating on the water surface, even the ship fluctuate and sway resulting from ebb and

waves, the Yokohama fender bears less friction, which would be no harm to coating

surface of ship and rubber fender.

4. Simple installation, siply installed on the wharf and anchor mast

5. we can also produce the product according to your request

More Yokohama Fender can be offered, pls contact us for more details