Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Product description:

Pneumatic Rubber Fender:


Pneumatic fenders is a leading anti-collision

device for marine application in the world today. This compressed air filled rubber fender

is used as a protective medium. Therefore, pneumatic rubber fenders serves as a protective

medium against collision when ship-to-ship contact (STS) ,

ship to quay (STQ) and ship-to-berthing (STB)

. Pneumatic fenders have the advantages of massive energy absorption with low

unit surface pressure acted upon the ship. So pneumatic fenders has become an ideal ship

protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, large docks.

harbor and wharfs.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender Application

Pneumatic yokohama rubber fenders are suitable for many applications including:

*Tankers, Gas Carriers and Bulk Cargo Ships;

*Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels;

*Temporary of permanent installations;

*Rapid response and emergency fendering;

*As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities.


Pneumatic fenders have any advantages including:

Easy and fast to deploy

Very low reaction and hull pressure

Performance adjustable by varying initial pressure

Suitable for areas with large or small tides

Maintains large clearances between hull and structure

Optional chain-tyre nets for heavy duty applications

Low maintenance

Optional chain & tyres for heavy duty use

Available size :

D3600mm*L7200mm; D3500*L7000mm; D3500*L6500mm;

D3500*L6000mm; D3300*L6500mm; D3000*L6000mm

D3000*L5000mm; D2500*L5500mm; D2500mm*L4000mm;

D2000*L3500mm; D1700*L3000mm; D1500*L3000mm

D1350*L2500mm; D1200mm*L2000mm; D1000*L2000mm;

D1000*L1500mm; D700*1500mm; D600*L1200mm ..............

We confirms that all its Pneumatic Rubber Fenders fully comply with all requirements

of ISO17357: 2002.

Our Pneumatic Rubber Fenders can be delivered in various sizes and types according to

different customer demands.

More Pneumatic Rubber Fender can be offered, pls contact us for more details