Marine Spill Kits

Marine Spill Kits

Product description:

Marine Spill Kits:

Conveniently sized for easy storage. The marine / boat spill kit has been designed for a quick response

to control and contain oil, petrol, and diesel spills on board boats and marine craft, helping prevent

possible pollution. Use for the accidental spillage of oil hydrocarbons, or to remove oil from

contaminated bilge water.

Contents :

Tubular waterproof bag

10 pads.

1 x 8cm x 1.2m sock

2 small cushions

1 x 0.5kg tub leak sealing putty

Kit absorbs 22 litres

Size 56cm (l) x 26cm (diam)

More Marine Spill Kits can be offered, pls contact us for more details