Cone Fender\Marine Fenders

Cone Fender\Marine Fenders

Product description:

Cone Fender / Marine Fenders :

1. The latest design construction
Cone Fenders with the conical body shape and frontal mount steel frame are the latest generation product

of cell type fenders, with optimal performance and efficiency. They provide an excellent energy capability

with a low reaction (their designed compress deformation rise from 52.5% to 70% while the reaction force

is unchanged.) . The conical design and circular mounting base make them extremely stable fenders

especially where angular performance is required.

2. Excellent energy capability

The normal compression of a Cone Fender is 70% and its maximum compression is 72%. They

are available in sizes from 600mm high to 1300mm high.

3. High efficiency and outstanding performance
Our Cone Fenders have excellent energy characteristics, with up to 72% compression for greater

travel, and are highly effective even in severe angular berthing applications. This outstanding performance

enables a cone fender to be used instead of a larger and more costly alternative. With their extreme

stability and resistance to shear as well as their angular berthing performance, Our Cone Fenders

provide unrivalled flexibility and economy.

4. Applications
Cone Fenders are ideally suited to a wide range of berthing applications including oil and LNG facilities.

offshore platforms, bulk terminals, general cargo, container berths, RoRo and cruise terminals.

More Cone Fender / Marine Fenders can be offered, pls contact us for more details