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Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Maker

Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Maker
  • Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Maker
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Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Maker:

Main features

-flexible design for muti purpose of commercial/ navy ship, engineering barge.

offshore platform, island water station &onshore facilities.

-wide range of production subject to demand from 5~1000T/ D

-flow mimic diagram indicates working condition

-fully automatic control by PLC integrated in one push button

-Regular chemical dosing & flushing secure the unit always working in good


- High standard R. O. elements reducing maintenance cost

Filtrated clean sea water, pressurized up to 60~70 bar by a high pressure pump;

pass through an osmosis membranes while fresh water molecules go through the

membranes in irreversible directioin, this is basic principle that so called

reverse osmosis fresh water maker.

As the key manafacture of reverse osmosis fresh water maker in the world, we have delivered

thousands of these units into varies fields like marine, offshore, island and navy etc.

More reverse osmosis fresh water maker can be offered, pls contact us for more details