NT855 series 270HP Cummins Diesel Engine

NT855 series 270HP Cummins Diesel Engine

Product description:

NT855 series 270HP Cummins Diesel Engine:

Gegernal Engine Data:

Engine Model: NT855-M (270HP Cummins Diesel Engine )

Use: Commercial propulsion

Displacement: 14L

Bore*stroke: 139*152mm

Aispiration: Turbocharged

Power: 201kw (270hp) @1800rpm

Engine torque: 1068N-m (787ft/ lb)

Brake Mean Effective Pressure: 958Kpa (PSI)

Compression Ratio: 14.5: 1

Fining Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4

Fuel system:

Fuel Consumption: 52.0litre/ hr (13.7gph)

Approximate Fuel Flow to pump: 155l/ h (41gph)

Fuel Rail Pressure Range: 710kPa (103PSI)

Weight (dry) :

Engine Only: 1258kg (2770lb)

With heat exchanger cooling system: +127 (280)

Air system:

Intake Manifold Pressure: 592mm Hg (23in Hg)

Intake air flow: 280litre/ sec (600CFM)

Heat rejection to Ambient: kw (BTU/ min) 26 (1500)

Minimum Ambient Temperature for cold start (No Aids) : ℃ ( �) 2 (32)

Exhaust system:

Exhaust Gas flow (after turbine) : litre (CFM) 640 (1350)

Exhaust Gas Temperature (after turbine) : ℃ ( �) 404 (760)

Cooling system:

Heat rejection to Engine Coolant: kw (BTU/ min) : 171 (9700)

Engine Water Flow: litre/ min (gpm) 427 (113)

Raw Water Flow: litre/ min (gpm) 234 (62)

Pressure Cap Rating w/ heat exchanger: kPa (PSI) 103 (15)

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