KTA38Series 1000HP Cummins Marine Engine

KTA38Series 1000HP Cummins Marine Engine

Product description:

KTA38Series 1000HP Cummins Marine Engine:

Engine Model: KT38-M (1000HP cummins marine engine )

Use: Commercial propulsion

Displacement: 38L

Power: 522-970KW

Bore*stroke: 159*159mm

Certificate: Tier I/ Tier II &CCS certificate

Fuel system: PT

Cylinder: 6

Aspiration: Turbocharged/ Afternooled

Engine Features:

Fuel direct injection to reduce the fuel consumption

4valves per cylinder for high horsepower and lower fuel consumption

PT fuel system, cummins patent technology

Drop forged connecting rod, super long life.

Wet and replaceable cylinder liners.

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