200TON Marine Mooring Winch

200TON Marine Mooring Winch

Product description:

200TON Marine Mooring Winch :

Marine Mooring Winch Specification

Drum Capacity

1500m*56mm Φwire (12layers)

Mooring Winch

Rated Pull

200T*0~10.6m/ min (1st *layer, low speed)

30T*0~30m/ min (1st layer, high speed)

133T*0~16m/ min (6th layer, low speed)

20T*0~45m/ min (6th layer, high speed)

94.5T*0~22.4m/ min (top layer, low speed)

14.2T*0~63.5m/ min (top layer, high speed)

Mooring Winch

Drum brake

Spring loaded, hydraulic release, with manual over ride

Mooring Winch

Brake holding

22.5ton (static 1st layer)

Mooring Winch



Mooring Winch


Remote control and local control stand

Mooring Winch

Drage Brake

0~30T*0~100m/ min (1st layer)

0~20T*0~151m/ min (MID Layer)

0~14.2T*0~212m/ min (6th layer)

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