Masthead Light (CXH3-12PL)

Masthead Light (CXH3-12PL)

Product description:

Masthead Light (CXH3-12PL) :

The scope of application:

Applied to the ships with the length 50m or above 50m as lamp signal liaison when night navigation.

Masthead Light Products characteristic:

1. The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic PA+GF injection, lampshade adopts injection of PC, lens hood adopts the good quality stainless steel.

2. The Masthead Light have the whole seal structure, it is waterproof under the bad enviroment.

3. The Masthead Light adopt the special LED light source which is according to the ship rule and regulation, it is more energy saving and long life-span, Masthead Light can replace the bulb when open up the cover.

4. The Masthead Light can work normally under the temperature -30°c~55°c

Masthead Light Adopt standard:

1. Conform to the international regulations for preventings collision at sea, 1972 and grade entry norms for steel ships.

2. Conform to the International standard IEC60958-1-2008.

3. Conform to the National standard of marine electric signal light's technical condition GB/ T3028-1995.

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