Balanced foam proportioning equipment

Balanced foam proportioning equipment

Product description:

Balanced foam proportioning equipment :

PHP is an independent proportioning system that automatically adjusts by flow water and pressure. Generally.

it is installed near the foam tank and be connected with foam tank, fire fighting pressed water source and foam

producing equipment by pipe.

When fire occurs, foam pump starts to draw the foam from the foam tank into proportioner pipe. After adjustment

by pressure balancing valve and proportioner, certain amount of foam will be immited into pressed water that flows

through the proportioner and form concentrate and then the concentrate will flow to foam producing equipment.

such as foam gun, foam monitor and so on. Finally, foam is produced to put out fire.

foam proportioning equipment

Product Standard Design Parameters

PHP ①150②/ 3③

① Balanced foam proportioning equipement

② Specification of proportioner DN150

③Ratio of foam concentrate

More foam proportioning equipment can be offered, pls contact us for more details