AFFF Extinguishing Agent

AFFF Extinguishing Agent

Product description:

AFFF Extinguishing Agent:

AFFF Extinguishing Agent Item

AFFF Technical Data

AFFF Resist freeze and melt performance

No obvious divide layer or phase



AFFF Sediment before Aging (%)


AFFF Sediment after Aging (%)


AFFF Fluidity

Rate of flow exceeds that of reference liquid

AFFF Spreading Coefficient

Positive Spreading

AFFF Foam Expansion 20℃


AFFF 25% Drainage Time 20℃ (min)


AFFF Fire-extinguishing Time (s)


AFFF 25% Burn-back Time (min)


AFFF Packaging

Plastic or metal barrels of 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg.

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