Battery Battery 7ah 12v solar system-specific | maintenance-free lead-acid batteries | street vendor lighting

Battery Battery 7ah 12v solar system-specific | maintenance-free lead-acid batteries | street vendor lighting

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: VOLTA / Vota
  • Model: 12V7AH battery
  • Suitable for: lighting

[] 12V voltage

[Capacity] 7ah

[Life] 3--5 years

Maintenance [Maintenance]

[Size] 150 * 75 * 95mm

[Weight] 2.3kg

[Weight] 3kg
[Packaging] sponge + waterproof membrane

Korea Vota VOLTA battery features:

1], the world's first green look unique, environmentally friendly products;

2], a unique multi-sealed structure ensures VOLTA battery is not leaking, do not pollute the environment;

3] plate special additives to make VOLTA battery has excellent large current discharge performance, designed for standby power supply design;

4] uses a unique high temperature and humidity curing process, long life design;

5] a variety of statistical techniques used in production testing, the battery consistency.

* Solar System

* Electronic switching system

* Communications equipment: a base station, PBX, CATV, WLL, ONU, STB, cordless phones, etc.

* Backup Power: UPS, ECR, computer backup system, Sequence, ETC, etc.

* Emergency equipment: emergency lights, fire Burglary, fire dampers

* Communications equipment: Transceivers

* Power control locomotive: acquisition vehicle, auto vehicles, electric wheelchairs, cleaning robots, electric cars, etc.

* Machine tools Enabler: lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, cordless drill, electric screwdriver, electric sleigh, etc.

* Industrial equipment / instruments

* Camera: flash, VTR / VCR, movie lights, etc.

Backup power other portable devices, etc.

1) appearance of the battery must be checked before use, Do not use cracked or leaking battery;

2) Do not short circuit the battery;

3) Do not put the battery near the fire place or incinerate

4) battery can not be placed in a honey closed space, ventilation must be maintained;

5) can not disassemble the battery, the transformation;

6) non rough handling, excessive vibration or shaking the battery;

7) avoid battery overcharge or over-discharge;

8) measured periodically charge the battery voltage is in the range of 1 meter



Charging voltage (v)

Initial current (A)




Use float





Best 0.1C





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