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Battery battery 7ah 12v solar system dedicated | maintenance-free lead-acid batteries |

Battery battery 7ah 12v solar system dedicated | maintenance-free lead-acid batteries |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: VOLTA / Watta
  • Model: 12V7AH battery
  • Applicable object: lighting use

'Voltage' 12V

'Capacity' 7ah

'Life' 3 - 5 years

'Maintenance' maintenance-free

'Size' 150 * 75 * 95mm

'Weight' 2.3kg

'Weight' 3kg
'Wrap' sponge + rain film

South Korea Volta VOLTA battery features:

1] the world's first unique green appearance, environmentally friendly products;

2] unique multi-sealed structure to ensure that VOLTA battery does not leak, do not pollute the environment;

3) special additives in the plate make VOLTA battery has excellent high current discharge performance, designed for backup power supply;

4] using a unique high temperature and humidity curing process, long life design;

5] a variety of statistical techniques used in the production process, the battery consistency is good.

* Solar system

* Electronic switch system

* Communication equipment: base stations, PBX, CATV, WLL, ONU, STB, cordless phones

* Backup power: UPS, ECR, computer backup system, Sequence, ETC and so on

* Emergency equipment: emergency lights, fire burglary, fire gate

* Communication equipment: Transceiver

* Electric control locomotives: acquisition vehicles, automatic transporters, electric wheelchairs, cleaning robots, electric cars, etc.

* Machine tool launcher: lawnmower, hedge trimmers, cordless drill, electric screwdriver, electric sled, etc.

* Industrial equipment / instruments

* Camera: flash, VTR / VCR, movie lights and so on

Other portable equipment backup power, and so on

1) must check the appearance of the battery before use, is strictly prohibited to use the broken or leakage of the battery;

2) Do not short-circuit the battery;

3) Do not place the battery near the fire source or burn the battery

4) can not be placed in the honey capsule space, must maintain ventilation;

5) can not be the battery decomposition, transformation;

6) prohibit brutal handling, excessive vibration or shaking the battery;

7) to avoid the battery overcharge or over discharge;

8) Periodically measure whether the battery charge voltage is in Table 1



Charging voltage (v)

Initial currentA)




Floating use





Best 0.1C





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