15ppm Bilge Alarm For Oily Water Separator

15ppm Bilge Alarm For Oily Water Separator

Product description:

15ppm bilge alarm for oily water separator

1. Standard: IMO, MEPC107 (49)

2. usage: used for 15ppm oily water separator

3. Accuracy: ±5ppm

4. messuring range: 0~30ppm

15ppm bilge alarm

The IMO Res. MEPC107 (49) resolution regulates the design and performance of the oily water separators and the 15 ppm Bilge Alarms for machinery space bilges of ships. Each ship must have a certified 15 ppm bilge alarm for measuring the oil content in the discharge water. The Bilge Alarm shall give an alarm and initiate automatic stop of overboard discharge when oil contents in water exceeds 15 ppm.

The 15 ppm Bilge Alarm type BilgMon 488 is approved and certified in accordance with the latest IMO resolution MEPC107 (49)

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