Controllable pitch Tunnel Thruster

Controllable pitch Tunnel Thruster

Product description:

Controllable pitch Tunnel Thruster :

Tunnel Thruster are Fixed Pitch Propeller or controllable pitch propeller thrusters. The features as follows:
-Superior Strength
The Super Silent thruster is designed with double walls in the full tunnel length, and flexible mounted inner tunnel. This concept provides noise reduction up to 10 dB compared to standard designs.

A reduction up to 25 dB can be reached in combination with floating floors and other measures by the shipbuilder.

-Easy Installation and Periodical Inspection
Is especially reduced duct lip and has a structure that it is able to weld anywhere on outer surface of duct for installation, On the periodical inspection, it is almost
Not needed to change parts except seal.
-Various type of driving
Compact new control system can provide easy operation. Customer can choose various configuration of prime mover, electric motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor.
More Controllable pitch Tunnel Thruster can be offered, pls contact us for more details