Yulite | Car Inflatable Pump Cigarette Lighter Portable High Power | Automobile Tire Pump 12V

Yulite | Car Inflatable Pump Cigarette Lighter Portable High Power | Automobile Tire Pump 12V

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: UNIT / Yulite
  • Model: YD-3036
  • (3035D + battery clip with customized version (3035D + battery folder + tire repair tool 3036 (G tool version to send the battery clip silver 3036 (enhanced version of the power to send the folder with the enhanced version (3035H + Enhanced version of the power to send a simple folder customized version (3035D
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Length: Other
  • Applicable object: Bicycle tire Ordinary automobile tire
  • With equipment: Tire pressure table lighting
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Cylinder specifications: single cylinder
  • Power: 150W
  • Air flow rate: 40 L / min

Ulite 3036, 3035, 3035H and 3036G metal high-speed inflatable pump contrast

Function parameter


model 3036 (Enhanced Edition) Metal Pumps 3035D | 3035H Metal pump 3036G (tool version) metal booster pump
Size of pump 22x3x7cm 16.5x11x6cm 22x3x7cm
Air pump diameter 6.5 cm 6cm 6.5 cm
Weight of air pump 3000 grams or so 2500 grams or so 4000 grams or so
Pressure range 0-140 PSI 0-100PSI 0-140 PSI
Displacement 40 L / min 35L / min 40 L / min
Power supply DC power supply DC power supply DC power supply
Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Current 15A 14A 15A
Power cord length 3m 3m 3m
Tracheal length 1.2m (3035D) 1m | 2.5m (3035H) 1.2m

Package Size

(L * W * H)

About 34x12.5x21

3035D about 20X10.5X16

3035H about 32x8.5x20

About 42x13x26.5
Features Inflation / lighting / deflation / tire pressure measurement Inflated / measured tire pressure Inflatable / deflated / lighting / tire pressure measurement / common tools

1, YD-3036 metal inflatable pump
2, 1.2 meters with tire pressure gauge and inflatable function inflatable tube
3, 3 metal gas nozzle
4, special plastic toolbox
5, the battery clip converter
6, the manual

1, 3035D | 3035H metal inflatable pump
2, 1 meter | 2.5 meters inflatable tube
3, 3 metal gas nozzle
4, special plastic toolbox
5, the battery clip converter
6, the manual

1, YD-3036G metal inflatable pump
2, 1.2 meters with tire pressure gauge and inflatable function inflatable tube
3, 3 metal gas nozzle
4, thickened and durable plastic toolbox
5, the battery clip converter
6, a small screwdriver, pliers, hex wrenches, tape measure, utility knives, a screwdriver
7, the manual

Applicable models Apply to all cars, commercial vehicles, SUV, off-road Apply to cars, vans, small tires cars Suitable for cars, commercial vehicles, SUV, off-road, car

Genuine Yulite car portable pump 3036Highlights LED spotlight booster inflatable Emergency is a good helper

Genuine Yulite car portable pump 3036G tool version With common maintenance tools Tire thawing inflatable emergency good helper

Genuine Yulite car portable pump 3035H enhanced version with extended inflatable tube pump Tire inflation emergency helper


Genuine Yulite portable car inflatable pump 3035D Jane version, anchor tire emergency inflatable good helper

Question 1: Jane matching plate | Jane with enhanced version and 3036 What is the difference?
1) 3036 more than lighting, Jane equipped with enhanced version of no lighting. Now 2 are equipped with a toolbox, oh
2) 3036 multiple deflation function,

Jane with an enhanced version No deflation function. (Both are metal pump)
3) 3036 trachea 1.3 meters, Jane with an enhanced version Extension tube 2.5 meters (power lines are 3 meters, add up the total length of more than 4 meters, certainly enough long, well designed)
4) 2 models above the pump, 3036 points, Jane with an enhanced version Compact point, 3036 cheer speed faster;

5) Simple customized version Inflatable pipe is 1m, Jane with an enhanced version Inflatable tube is 2.5m, wires are 3m; Jane with an enhanced version With toolbox; Jane with an enhanced version With a battery clip, Simple customized version Not charged with the folder;

6) Simplified version of the rated power of 120W, power 140W; 3036 rated power 150W, power 180W;

Question 2: 3036 and 3036 Tool Edition What is the difference?
1) 3036 Tool Edition more than a set of commonly used maintenance tools, 3036 no maintenance tools.
2) 3036

Tool version than the 3036 host consistent, because there are commonly used tools so the toolbox is also larger. (Both are metal booster pump)
3) The two machines are 3 meters power cord, add up the total length of more than 4 meters, certainly enough long, well designed
4) two machines operating current 15A, cheering speed quite, playing a long duration.

product description:
The market a lot of box-type pump, but the basic plastic movement, power (power is only 4-50W), playing slow, noisy, and this pump is a real high-power metal pump, work Current 15A, power in 200W or more, the pump core with the plastic pump is not a grade, playing fast, noise, consumers pay attention to distinguish (plastic pump power is small, generally only 3-40W, and metal pump power is generally in the 100W or more, inflatable plastic pump speed is more than 3 times).

Unit conversion:
1 kg / c㎡ = 0.98ba (r) r = 14.2 PSI (1bf / in2) = 98.0665 kPa
1 atm = 1.03327 kg / cm

main feature:
1, metal pump, motor power, inflatable speed.
2, multi-purpose, not only can cheer, tire pressure measurement, but also comes with 5 highlighted LED lighting, can also lighting 3, a new bullet shape, beautiful, comes with toolbox, easy admission.
4, comes with three kinds of gas nozzle, you can give inflatable beds, motorcycles and other cheer
5, steel tire pressure gauge, comes with venting function, can be used alone.
6, cigarette lighter and battery clip dual purpose

Instructions for use:
1, The air hose at the top of the gas nozzle directly inserted in the tire valve, hear the sound of air from the tire, said the air has flow, can be tightened gas nozzle, this time the air is no longer vent.
2, The battery will be the battery clip red battery cathode, black battery negative, you can inflatable.
3, Inflation, the instrument pointer with the tire saturation increased, when the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (general car tire pressure is 223kpa = 35PSI), remove the plug and gas nozzle, that is to complete the work.

1, when used, please start the car engine, enhance power, do not consume car battery power.
2, the machine limit the use of DC (DC12V 15A) power supply, can not use household high-voltage power supply,
3, inflatable, please work for 10 minutes in a row for cooling and rest, can extend the motor life. Inflatable inflatable boats, can work for 30 minutes
4, the general tires in the inflatable, about 2-3 minutes can reach 220KPA normal tire pressure. Large tires will be a little longer time.If the beginning of inflation, the instrument pointer rapid rise, not only that the air is not filled into the tire, Must stop working, re-operation, otherwise, the instrument and the motor will be damaged.
5, use, people do not leave the body, always pay attention to tire pressure, not too saturated.
6, car cigarette lighter if not clean and not conductive, or fuse blown, the machine does not work, make sure the cigarette lighter conductive good.

Warranty Description:

1 year free replacement of product quality problems (machine quality problems can be a free replacement, restaurant commitment to life-long maintenance, please rest assured to buy, unlimited extension of the post-sale period, only you need, we will certainly do for you, Golden Delicious, Golden Delicious Sale, you are our Golden Delicious users Oh).

Company Profile:

China High-tech Enterprise Ningbo Yulite Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of automobile inflatable pump, car vacuum cleaner and auto security tool set .It has a total investment of more than 10 million US dollars, The company is located in the beautiful historical documents of the state - Zhejiang. Yuyao. Geographical location, traffic logistics is very convenient.

The company has Yuyao Yulite Electrical Appliance Tool Factory, Yuyao City of silver hardware factory two subordinate enterprises. Has a complete injection molding processing plant - aluminum die-casting workshop --- and a number of product assembly lines. The company has introduced a number of industries The elite to join, with the advantage of the research and development management team, developed a variety of hot-selling domestic and foreign markets and vehicle-use air pump vacuum cleaner products, and applied for a number of national patents. Products have been the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision (CQC) and GS, CE certification. Products by virtue of the advantages of quality and cheap large number of domestic and Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries of the mainstream automotive supplies market.

The company has always been adhering to the 'integrity, cooperation, innovation and win-win' business philosophy. 'Forge ahead in unity, pioneering and innovative' entrepreneurial spirit, with the attitude of good faith, perfect service, with advanced R & D technology, highly qualified personnel, Excellent processing equipment, scientific management system, size up the situation, scientific decision-making, and constantly create a classic fashion, energy efficient products. Customers at home and abroad and consumers have been well received.In the domestic market, the company marketing team to make full use of modern e- Platform, the successful operation of the 'Yulite', 'Ling extension' the two brands now the two brands in the industry has long been deeply rooted among consumers to become one of the automotive supplies brand.

'Featured superior quality to enjoy a happy journey' - this is our dedication to the consumer a better interpretation!

The success of the road because you join the wonderful! We sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand for a better tomorrow!