2.0 3D Mini portable Speaker SD-01

2.0 3D Mini portable Speaker SD-01

Product description:

2.0 3D Mini portable Speaker SD-01

1. High quality srereo and ultra-low sound speaker;
2. With SD/ MMC and U-disc reader, mp3 format music can be played;
3. Connect DC 5V adaptor/ USB to be recharged;
4. Connect 3.5mm srereo audi cable to speaker socket LINE IN, you can enjoy the music from mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PC, iPod and other audio devices;
5. High performance amplifier, pure sound under the nature bass techology;
6. Full power output because of the micro-amplifier circuit.
7. 3D sound technology with 2.0 channel mini speaker system, FM radio and LED display.

1. output: RMS 6W (3W+3W) THD=10%;
2. Frequency response range: 150-18000Hz;
3. Noise ratio: ≥80dB;
4. Loud speaker: 1.5 inch, extermal diameter 50mm, magnetic resistant 5 ohms;
5. Size: 199*79* (56+46) (mm) ;
6. Color: blue, black, yellow, orange, purple.

3.5mm audio cable
USB charging cable
the remote control