Metal detectors | handheld metal detectors | security equipment | Genuine send Charger Kit | Specials

Metal detectors | handheld metal detectors | security equipment | Genuine send Charger Kit | Specials

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MCD / US Chong Cheng
  • Model: mcd-5900

one, product Outline

MCD-5900 hand-held metal detector, which is designed for detection of guns, knives and other prohibited items specialized detector. Electronic and Electrical full compliance with health and safety standards and GA, CE testing, it has a silent vibrating alarm and LED indication two modes. other detectors with excellent performance unmatched 360-degree detection area so that when it is particularly effective to detect small metal objects. unique LED indicates the location of metal objects, the operating status of the detector response and batteries the use of information products comes the head of LED lights in the dark and low-light situations, it helps a lot.

1, the battery cover 2, the power switch

3, LED lighting control switch 4, warning lights

5, the signal sensing area 6, the handle

7, Less power indicator 8, LED lights

A key switch: By pressing the detector switch to turn the power detector. Note that, when the green light will be lit, indicating that you can normally detect the. Probe is fully automatic, without any adjustment. It can not only detect ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals but also to detect at the time of detection, with particular attention to the heel, ankle detection.

LED light warning : When a metal object is detected, the red LED lights. At the same time, the green LED light will light.

LED head lamp : When opening detector power while holding the LED light switch and hold the head of the LED lights. When you release LED light switch, the head of the LED light does not shine.

Vibration function : Its performance is excellent, so that you know through a silent vibration to detect metal objects.

Unscrew the battery cover : When the battery runs out, directly to unscrew the battery cover, replace the 9V battery. Do not need any other tools.

three, Feature And use of

1, A 360 degree super-sensitive detection function to detect the no dead ends.

2, Alarm: LED lighting Alarm or silent vibration alarm.

3, Unique LED headlamp in the dark or when lighting is poor, there is a great help.

4, Use 9V battery. A 9V battery for 80 hours. Optional rechargeable battery, charge 12 hours, can work for 25 hours.

5, When the battery becomes low, the same detection range. Stable performance with low voltage indicator.

6, Enterprises through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

7, Products through the EU CE certification

8, Products comply with Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Standards


This product is A specially designed for the detection of firearms , Professional detector knives and other prohibited items . Mainly used It requires a relatively high Government agencies, public security organs, prosecution, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, railway stations, stadiums, convention venues, entertainment, large gatherings And other crowded public places security checks.

Fourth, the technical parameters

1, Circuit: transmitter / receiver is readjusted automatically without manual adjustment.

2, Detection sensitivity: 20MM diameter steel balls, the detection distance of ≥9cm

3, Instructions: Silent vibration
LED lights Green: When you open the detector switch
Amber: low battery
Red: alarm

4, power supply: 9 volt battery box (6F22ND battery),

5, Waterproof grade: IP66

6, Operating Frequency: 95kHz

7, Working current: Less than 50MA

8, Operating temperature: - 37 ℃ -70 ℃

9, Dimensions: 22 * 3.8 * 2.9 cm

10, Weight: 200g

11, Package Size: 54 * 27 * 45 cm (20/ Box, 15kg / box)

Fives, Introduction to Operation

1, When the metal is in working condition, waving detectors to scan a distance of about two inches (or other detection thereof). If metal is detected. The machine will sound an alarm or silent vibration, and red light. After the probe without re-adjustment. Scanning generally range from one to two inches from the floor from the probe was subjected to testing.

2, Sound alarm operation, press the power switch forward, when the detector detects metal, will hear a clear alarm sounds. Red alarm light will continue to show light to detect metal.

3, Silently vibrating, slide the power switch is detected when the detected metal, metal detectors will shake the handle, and no sound. Red alarm light will continue to show that detect metal.