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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MCD / the United States up to Cheng
  • Model: mcd-5900

one, product Overview

MCD-5900 hand-held metal detector, it is a detectors for guns, knives and other prohibited items of professional detectors. Fully in line with the electrical and electrical and health safety standards and GA, CE testing, it has a silent LED light instructions and vibration alarm The 360-degree detection area makes it particularly effective for detecting small metal objects. The unique LED indicator indicates the position of the metal object, which indicates the operational status of the detector and the battery status of the detector. The use of the product comes with the head of the LED lights in the dark and low light conditions, a great help.

1, the battery cover 2, the power switch

3, LED lighting control switch 4, alarm lights

5, the signal sensing area 6, handle

7, Under-power indicator 8, LED lighting

A key switch: By pressing the detector switch, open the detector power. Note that when the green light will light, that can be detected normally. Detection is completely automatic, without any adjustment. It can not only detect ferrous metals, but also detect non-ferrous metals In the detection, with particular attention to the heel, ankle detection.

LED light warning : When a metal object is detected, the red LED will illuminate, and the green LED will illuminate.

Head LED lights : When you turn on the detector power, press and hold the LED light switch, the head of the LED lights will be lit. When you open the LED light switch, the head of the LED light does not shine.

Vibration function : Its excellent performance, allowing you to know through the silent vibration detection of metal objects.

Unscrew the battery cover : When the battery runs out, simply unscrew the battery cover and replace the 9V battery. No other tools are required.

three, Features And the use of

1, 360 degree no dead angle super sensitive detection function, detection no dead angle.

2, Alarm mode: LED lights Alarm or silent vibration alarm.

3, Unique LED headlamps, in the dark or lack of light, it is of great help.

4, Use 9V battery. A 9V battery 80 hours of work. Optional rechargeable battery, charge 12 hours, can work 25 hours.

5, When the power is low, the detection range constant. Stable performance. With a low voltage indicator.

6, Enterprises through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

7, Products through the EU CE certification

8, Products meet the Ministry of Public Security and police electronic product quality standards


This product is One is designed to detect guns , Tools and other prohibited items of professional detectors . Mainly used in Relatively high requirements Government organs, public security organs, procuratorates, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations, stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, large gatherings And other personnel-intensive public places security checks.

Fourth, the technical parameters

1, Circuit: Transmitter / Receiver automatically re-adjust. No manual adjustment.

2, Detection sensitivity: diameter of 20MM of the ball, detection distance ≥9cm

3, Indication: Silent vibration
LED lights Green: When the detector switch is turned on
Amber: Low battery
Red: when alarm

4, power supply: 9-volt square battery (6F22ND battery),

5, Waterproof rating: IP66

6, Operating frequency: 95kHz

7, Operating current: less than 50MA

8, Working temperature: - 37 ℃ -70 ℃

9, Dimensions: 22 * 3.8 * 2.9 cm

10, Net weight: 200g

11, Package Size: 54 * 27 * 45 Cm (20Support / box, 15Kg / box)

Fives, Operation Introduction

1, When the metal is in working condition, the detector flashes the detector at a distance of about two inches to scan a person (or other object). If a metal is detected, the machine will sound an alarm or silence, and the red light will not. The range is usually from one to two inches from the floor to detect the detection of objects.

2, Sound alarm operation, press the power switch forward, the detector detects the metal, you will hear a clear alarm sound. Red warning light will continue to light that detected metal.

3, Silent Vibration, Slide the power switch backwards to detect, when the metal detector, the metal detector handle will not sound.