HD Media Player HD Player | K3 Hard Disk Player HDMI TV U USB Video Player

HD Media Player HD Player | K3 Hard Disk Player HDMI TV U USB Video Player

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: MILLING K3
  • Brand: Mai drilling
  • Model: K3
  • Package Type: Package 1 Package 3 Package 2 Official standard
  • color: black
  • Storage: plug-in storage
  • Output resolution: 1920x1080
  • Player Category: hard disk player
  • Subtitle format: SMI SRT LRC SUB ssa PGS
  • Dimensions: 125 * 190 * 63
  • Weight: about 400 grams
  • Interface Type: HDMI Component Audio Video

1. Special Note: HDTV must buy HDMI cable, in order to achieve the effect of clear, specific to your TV what line can take pictures to send our customer service to identify, be sure to choose with the package to buy very favorable!

Standard with what?

Standard: machine AV cable remote control power instructions

Package 1: standard + HDMI high-definition line

Package II : Machine + component cable

Package III : Machine + Car Transformer

Nearly buyers continue to ask us, some online price is only 60, why do we want to sell 139? Every day to repeat the explanation, some numbness, and now to the pro unified reply: those who sell more than 60 dollars is the 2008 version of the chip is very old, can only support a small part of the 720 following format, can only output av Signal, heat, easy to crash, can not support the boot automatically play, and this is our full Chi F10 decoder chip to support most common formats such as mkv, avi, mp4, ts, wmv, mpg, 3gp, rm, rmvb , Wmv, etc., support to 1920 * 1080p resolution, tested 35g mkv Blu-ray video decoding is very smooth, support hdmi high-definition output av video output, component output, the old models more than 60 only av video output, High-definition version of the chip decoding high efficiency, low power consumption, heat is also small, even if the continuous playback of 3 days and 3 nights no problem, in fact, many of these are advertising machine, the general continuous use all day, Sometimes a week is not closed, so if you just look at a small movie or something, do not worry about quality problems and decoding capabilities, a sub-price goods, to see where the difference between things, and then orders are not late , Do not blindly buy a bargain, with the unhappy.

Good news: now shipped version of Can support DTS sound, This sound Common in the original Blu-ray Mkv format for the common.

What is DTS? DTS is the abbreviation of 'Digital Theater System' and is the meaning of 'Digital Cinema System' .Compared with Dolby AC-3, DTS's audio signal is much more information, the effect is more shocking!

Play HD selection


Standard with what?

Standard: machine AV cable remote control power instructions

My family's TV is XXX, the election of what package?
You look at your TV behind what free port, buy the corresponding cable with the package, the old TV is generally av and color display is vga HDTV is HDMI,, av output 480p component output 720phdmi output 1080p, hdmi port as possible Election hdmi, If you do not understand can take pictures to the customer service to see, so that customer service to determine.
Support what format?
MPEG, WMV, MPEG, ISO, VOB, DAT, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, RM, HDTV, and other high definition 1920 * 1080 resolution, RMVB, DIVX, XVID, FLVVCD and DVD files, and so on. .
You can see our video presentation clear Blu-ray are smooth playback
The following websites download video movies MTV:
Http: //www.66ecc/
The more popular the more clear the file! Http://www.funshion.com/download/?alliance_id=59562
Http: // wwwqtfy30cn /
Http: // wwwxiaopiancom /
Http: //www.66yscc/
Http: // wwwgaoqingtv / movie / List / List_44html
Everyone http://www.yyets.com/
Awakening subtitles http://www.awaker.net/
Pig subtitles http://www.jumpcn.com/
The gods subtitles http://www.kamigami.org/forum.php
MTV download http://www.hdmv.cc/forum.php
How to set the boot automatically play?
1 video on the root directory of u, do not put the folder inside
2 settings inside the boot automatically play for the video. On it, after each plug in the power automatically after the start loop, suitable for advertising and image
Warranty for how long, whether to support seven days no reason?
One year warranty Support 7 days no reason to return .
How much support the U disk and mobile hard disk?
U disk or memory card support 64GB, mobile hard disk support 3000gb 3TB,
This is not built-in memory, you have to bring their own U disk or mobile hard disk SD to store movie video or picture music, plug in the machine to play
How to install it?
Pull this page to the bottom, there are specific installation steps, the pro-remember to collect this baby Oh, easy to install,
About 3D video capabilities?
1. The player itself is to support the upper and lower left and right format of the 3d video (common format), but you need to support 3d 3d TV switching display, there is a simple way to see if support, watch TV 3d switching settings, There is this menu: up and down, left and right, if not, then it can not support Up and down, left and right format 3d.
2. We tested the music as the X50 TV, shutter-type support very Well, the player output is about the screen, open the 3d effect on the TV, set to about 3d, you can.
3. Polarization type of red, blue, red and green formats are also supported

Please use the car friends

If you can use in your car, please see the following conditions:
1. Make sure there is an extra cigarette lighter in your car
2. Make sure your car is 12V power supply (24V temporarily not supported)
3. Make sure your car navigation has av yellow white red input hole
4. Some cars will automatically cut off the av input after the video, in order to drive the drivers do not distraction safe driving, a small number of cars is the case, so need to determine their own, ask the riders or forums
5.We have to buy our inverter, the car into a household 12v 220v

Note that this paragraph without wifi networking, you need to play this network wifi network

Home / advertising machine
1) This new upgrade can be usedAdvertising player , Plug in the power to automatically loop advertising, very worry. Need to set up inside the set oh.

Highlights : 3 kinds of output, AV HDMI color

Support 1080p Full HD 1920 * 1080 resolution AVI MP4 MKV MOV RM RMVB 3GP WMV DAT VOB mpg MTS TS, and so on.

Detailed decoding capabilities of various video articles

1. Video encoding support: Mpeg1 / 2/4, Xvid, Divx, H.263, H.264, VC-1 (WMV9-HD), RM / RMVB full support to 1920 * 1080P resolution, frame rate support to 30fps .
2. Audio coding support: MP3 / WMA / OGG / FLAC / APE / AAC / AC3 ​​/ ATRA / DTS
3. Video format support:
A) MKV package: support rmvb / h.264 / Mpeg2 encoding, bit rate of 50Mbps;
B) AVI package: support Mpeg2 / Xvid / H.264 encoding, bit rate of 50Mpbs;
C) TS / TP package: support Mpeg2 / H.264 / VC-1 encoding, the rate of 40Mpbs;
D) M2TS package: support Mpeg2 / H.264 encoding, bit rate of 40Mpbs;
E) MP4 / M4V package: support Xvid / H.264 encoding, the code rate of 50Mpbs;
F) MOV package: support Xvid / H.264 encoding, bit rate of 50Mpbs;
G) VOB package: support Mpeg2 encoding, rate reached 45Mpbs;
H) PMP package: support Xvid / H.264 encoding, bit rate support to 50Mpbs;
I) RM / RMVB package: Supports RV8 / 9 encoding suppression, the code rate of 30Mpbs;
J) MPG package: support Mpeg1 / 2 encoding, the code rate of 45Mpbs;
K) FLV package: support H.263 / H.264 encoding, bit rate of 50Mpbs;
L) WMV package: support VC-1 / WMV7 encoding, bit rate of 40Mpbs

Hard disk player with the DVD machine principle is the same, DVD player is the 'disc', HD hard disk player broadcast is 'mobile storage' (U disk / mobile hard disk / SD card), with the popular mobile storage, Hard disk player has become a popular home appliance products.

In the computer to download a good video, Kaodao U disk, received the player, you can let children watch cartoons, so that the family elders, watching serials, download high-definition film source, enjoy high-definition effect, it is that simple. On the simple, easy to understand.

How to automatically play in the store advertising video?

1. Video on the root directory u disk, meaning that is not on the folder inside

2. Settings inside open automatically play video ok

Now plug in the power can automatically play.

installation steps

Buy back do not know to install or TV no image, please remember to open this description to see here

Connection is not on Do not panic! Most of them are not connected, carefully in accordance with the following description will be able to successfully play
Second connection will be a little trouble, the second direct use

Note: Please do not use sub-av and HDMI cable are plugged in,

Steps to use av connection

1. Do not connect the player power!
2.av first plugged into the player av hole, connect the TV red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow, make sure you plug in this set of TV is to write the input instead of output! This is very important!
3. TV boot, set to av channel (by TV remote control on the av or source, each TV may not be the same)
4. Plug in the player's power cord and the player will light
5. If the TV does not display at this time, press the CVBS button on the player's remote control, and if it is not already, switch the TV's video channel (your TV may have more than one AV channel)


Steps to use HDMI connection

1. Do not connect the player power!
2.HDMI first plugged into the player HDMI hole, connect the TV HDMI hole.
3. TV boot, set to HDMI channel (by TV remote control on the av or source, each TV may not be the same)
4. Plug in the player's power cord and the player will light.
5. If the TV does not appear, press the HDMI button on the player's remote control. If it does not, switch the TV's video channel (your TV may have more than one HDMI channel)


Download TV series, movies, animation, variety, education.
Recommended popular file the greater the more clear!
Http: // wwwfunshioncom / download /? Alliance_id = 59562

Tips, buy before reading:

1. The baby must and TV and USB or hard drive can be used together, there is no own screen, no built-in memory. Buy the wrong friend refund your own shipping back and forth, thank you!

2. Note that the format can not be supported: Xv bhd qmv qsv kux , Why? These are Thunderstorm Fantastic Art and other companies dedicated video cache, can not be called format, this cache is encrypted, in order to protect copyright is not pirated, there is no other player can support, even in the The computer can not play another player! The player is more can not support, please buyers before buying Note! If the problem occurs because of the return, please bear the return shipping, thank you

3. All advertising companies design video software directly exported video such as 3d max, premiere AE, VideoStudio and other video editing software export video, as well as cell phone camera SLR shoot the video, may be compatible with the poor, please use Format conversion factory, what format can be derived casually.

4.f4v flv If you can choose not to choose the best of the two formats Encoding may be too complicated to meet the support