Bay Bridge B8806 VGA cable vga project scattered lines buried video cable computer projector projector line 3 +6

Bay Bridge B8806 VGA cable vga project scattered lines buried video cable computer projector projector line 3 +6

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tony Bridge
  • Process: gold-plated
  • color: black
  • Material: other
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Length: 1 meter

Brand: Beiqiao BIQIO
Model: B8806
Name: 3 + 6 VGA project line
Material: 28AWG stranded tinned copper wire braided 128 aluminum-magnesium wire
Diameter: 8.0mm
Weight: 100 meters / volume 8.5kg
Projector, plasma TV and other equipment, can also be customized according to use (20 to 30 meters distance does not appear smear, the water ripples and the like problems), can be used to set up a computer,

External structure, details Coding, the corresponding product model, non-cottage can be compared

Do not steal workers do not cut material 3 +6 core 128 network, high demand for additional aluminum shield and shielded welding ground, disturbance interference performance more reliable

Core-core materials, multi-core tinned copper, no oxidation is more soft and more resistant to pull

Wiring definition

According to the standard general VGA Wire, as follows: 1, 2, 3Welding red, green, blue core, 6, 7, 8Welding red, green, blue shielded wire, 10Welding black line, 11Welding white line, 13Welding yellow line, 14Welding brown line, VGA Shielded wire connected to the line VGA Head of the shell. As used in various categories VGA Line of different colors, but are in accordance with the above two angles corresponding to the welding VGA Line to pay attention 1, 2, 3Core with 6, 7, 8Shielded cable can not be short-circuit, such as short-circuit, the projector will show a lack of color phenomenon.

VGA Line pin definition VGA3 + 6Line-by-line display (Fig ), VGA3 + 6What is the wire order??

Generally on the VGA connector, each interface number is indicated by 1, 5, 6, 10, 11, 15. If not, the number is shown in the figure above.
Note that the welding of male and female head, should pay attention to the direction of the opposite turn welding.
Ordinary VGA wire welding method is as follows (D15 welding method):
The core of the red wire
Red line of the shielding pin 6
The core of the green line
Green wire shielding pin 7
Blue line of the core pin 3
Blue line of the shielding pin 8
Yellow wire 10
Brown lead
White line 13

Black line foot 14
Outer shield D15 end shell crimping
If there are not marked in the table interface and line, all blank, only the interface marked above the welding and line color.

VGA The pin definition and welding methods
15 pin VGA pin definition:
1PIN - Analog signal 'red'
2PIN - Analog signal 'green'
3PIN - analog signal 'blue'
4PIN - The address code
5PIN - N / C
6PIN - Analog 'red' ground terminal
7PIN - Analog 'green' ground terminal
8PIN - Analog 'blue' ground terminal
9PIN - Reserved
10PIN - digital ground terminal
11PIN - address code
12PIN - the address code
13PIN - line field signal
14PIN - vertical line field signal
15PIN - ground terminal (shield)

13 feet H for the VGA signal in the line frequency synchronization pin (then the VGA line of white small line, if not, you can use any other small line to replace, when the socket 2 side must use the same article)

14 feet H for the VGA signal line frequency synchronization pin (then the black line in the VGA line, if not, you can use any other small line instead, when the socket 2 side must use the same)

Project wiring problem: home pipe has been buried, the finished product line has not been put into, how do?

Finished thread is too large, can not buy the right tube how to do?

Bought a finished product line, pull the head when the line broke, how do?

Please use the project line, with the socket to use, so that decoration is no longer troublesome. Supporting the use of card line socket: Click this image into the details.