Portable Mini Speaker mini speaker system ST-06

Portable Mini Speaker mini speaker system ST-06

Product description:

l Product Size: 7 * 6 * 6.5cm

2 sound good: professional audio IC, 2W full range speaker

3 Portability: Bringing high 500 mA battery, out of power constraints

4 Technology and New: repair technology, so that 100% of the volume levels are not violent tone, 100% without distortion

5 Application wide: mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP, notebook, PC, learning and other audio output device can be used all

6 output device: 40MM-4 3W high-fidelity speakers

7 Frequency response: 100HZ ~ 20KHZ (Hz)

8 Impedance: 4HM ;)

9 signal to noise ratio ≥ 96dB

10 Accessories: USB charging cable, audio cable


1. Is best to first use the battery run out, and then fully charged.

2. Do not use the side in order to avoid charging side of the burning lithium batteries.

3. Charging no more than 3 hours.

4. This section is equipped with an audio only USB charging cable, if you want electric charge can be directly connected MP4 charger (500 mA is appropriate) to achieve access USB charging cable.